HD Splitting a Touchdown for Football Fans

October 13th, 2011

The NFL Football season brings joy to U.S. sports fans like few other sports can. With only 16 games per season and playoffs, it's a limited window of enjoyment to root for your favorite team, unlike baseball or basketball, where the season's last for a better part of 8 months. Source Because of this limited season as well as the proliferation of Fantasy Football and Picks leagues, people are willing to go all out in their dedication to watching every possible game. Whether it's the Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket or the new NFL Mobile App on Verizon, fans can enjoy more action than ever before from the comfort of their living room or even when they're on the move. If you're fortunate enough to have a technology-laden Man Cave (or other room with multiple TVs), it can be challenging to monitor all of those early and late-Sunday afternoon games simultaneously, especially if one TV is 3D, one is 1080p and the third is a behemoth CRT model. Fortunately, IOGEAR has you covered with a new 4-Port HD Audio/Video Splitter*, an ideal solution for the hardcore football watcher with multiple TVs. The new IOGEAR AVIOR HDMI Audio/Video Splitter* is a four port device (also comes in 8 ports) that takes HD audio/video from a single HDMI source (like a cable box or satellite receiver) and directs it to as many as eight separate HD TVs or displays with 3D support. Also HDCP compliant, the unit support the highest quality HD video and multi-channel digital audio; enabling the splitting of HD content from DVR/set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, computers and other HD or non-HD devices. Distribution of content is an important measure when transferring Full HD 1080p (24/60 Hz) with multi-channel audio and 12-bit Deep Color, and the new splitters make sure content always appears at the best possible resolution based on the signal and screen capabilities. NFL football fans are passionate and IOGEAR is committed to serving that passion with technology solutions that get the most value out of all available content. Are you a football fan? Share with us your favorite team and favorite place to watch the game in the comments, on Twitter or via our Facebook page. *Note that these products are only available from AVIOR Series approved dealers.

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