Blu-ray Buyer Beware

November 3rd, 2011

According to In-stat research, the number of Blu-ray players shipped will increase to 105 million by the year 2015. If you're like most people, you've already made the switch to an HDTV, however, if you're not a PS3 owner, or just haven't made the jump to a Blu-ray player yet, we have some advice for you courtesy of the sharp minds at HDTV Etc. We all know competition breeds innovation and fair pricing, but it also breeds something else, indecision. Fortunately, with all the choices of Blu-ray players available, HDTV etc. writer Dennis Burger helps us drill down to what we really want by giving us, Five Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Blu-ray Player. Source So, before you shell out your hard-earned cash on a new Blu-ray player, put on your HD thinking cap and consider the following: 1. Is there an app for that? “Having a disc player that only plays discs is so two-thousand-late, so before you shop around for your next (or your first) Blu-ray player, take a good look at the app selections available for the various brands and decide which (if any) are for you.” 2. 3D or not 3D? That's the real question. Check out the flowchart in the article. Seriously, it's probably the best tool available for answering this question and even an HD-DVD supporter could understand it. 3. What sort of connections do I need? It's important to not only understand what your current hardware requires for connections, but also what might be coming in the future so the Blu-ray investment doesn't become obsolete or incompatible as your A/V system evolves. 4. Should I buy a universal player? “Don't assume that "universal" actually means "universal." …If you really want to play every 5-inch disc format ever touched by a laser, you should definitely read the fine print and make sure your obsolete format (or burnable media) of choice is actually supported.” 5. Do I need WiFi? “Even if you have no interest in over-the-top rental services, even if DLNA steaming or some other form of media sharing is the last thing you'd ever want to do with your Blu-ray player, you're still going to want to connect it to the internet, if only for the occasional firmware update to correct for disc incompatibilities.” The astute HDTV etc. writer goes on to mention the IOGEAR Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter as a solution for bringing Wi-Fi to a Blu-ray player (or other Ethernet-enabled device) at a low cost, and often with performance benefits.  Traditional DVD players can be bought for less than $30 now, but if you're considering some type of video playback component, it's really short-sighted not to go with a quality Blu-ray player or a PS3, just make sure you grill yourself appropriately before investing. And when the day comes, there are also a number of useful Blu-ray accessories available from IOGEAR including HDMI cables as well as HD audio/video switchers and splitters to help in any installation setting. Have additional suggestions for Blu-ray shopping or choosing the perfect video player? Let us know in the comments, via Twitter or on our Facebook wall.

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