Why should I Care About Convergence?

December 8th, 2011

Just like “thinking outside the box”, “breaking down silos” and “low hanging fruit” were business buzzwords of the past, convergence is one of those new terms that every company seems to want a piece of.  Source Popular jargon aside, IOGEAR has used the term to describe its place in the consumer technology space for several years now. The concept of convergence is a pillar of our engineering and product development, but there's still some confusion about what it actually means. From a technology standpoint, convergence is primarily about improving communication, mobility and access to entertainment by getting computer and audio/video to work more seamlessly together. It also means extending the functionality of existing devices by allowing them to do more, or to do what they're designed for, better. Whether its streaming iPod content to a TV, sharing computer peripherals wirelessly, or extending Wi-Fi to an Ethernet enabled device, we're always searching for ways to get more out of the devices we own, or to extend their lives just a little bit longer. We've blogged about AV streaming devices, KVM switches and other devices at the heart of computer/AV convergence, but we've never looked at how the topic applies outside the world of technology. Convergence is not only about maximizing technology by enhancing mobility and connectivity. Far from it actually. A diverse set of industries that includes everything from condiments to liquor to convenience stores and outerwear are all undergoing a convergence renaissance of sorts, accelerating down the road of smart innovation to get there. Recently, Inc.com explored some of the industries where convergence is being utilized most effectively, and had this to say in an article titled, Innovative Product Mashups:
"Convergence is affecting nearly all industries...Another great example is drug store retailing in  New York City. Duane Reade, a leading chain, now has a physician on call and offers inoculations at some of its stores, putting them in competition with traditional physician's offices. In some, they carry fresh produce, salads, and sandwiches, putting them in competition with small grocery and convenience stores. In the Wall Street location in New York City, Duane Reade even has a hair and nail salon, putting it in competition with beauty parlors."
Much like a neighborhood-focused drug store evolving to meet the expanding needs of time-strapped New York City folk, so too is IOGEAR constantly digging deeper into things like USB 3.0, Wi-Fi technology, HDMI, Bluetooth and countless other connectivity options that make the convergence of other compatible devices possible. And even when they're not compatible, we have things like the USB Bluetooth adapter which provides the necessary connectivity options for whatever the device may be.  Convergence may be a one of the new marketing buzzwords that all companies want a piece of, but few are as committed to the principle as we are. What does convergence mean to you? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

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