Learn How to Maximize Your Smart Phone's Battery Life

February 21st, 2012

Source Congratulations Apple, Google, RIM and Microsoft! You have re-created the corded phone! I'm speaking in jest of course, but the reality is that far too often we need to have our phones connected to some type of power source or else run the risk of running out of juice just at that critical moment when you actually have to make a call. While there are some people who can go a whole day without recharging, most smart phone users have no such luxury. The problem is further pronounced during travel where you may not have convenient access to a power supply throughout the day. Plus, do you really want to stand next to some random power outlet for hours waiting for your phone to charge? Fortunately, since the problem is so common, there are many solutions available. Here we will provide some ideas from both a hardware and software perspective. The first place to start is at the software level. Often, you may have unneeded programs running in the background draining valuable battery life. Here is a roundup of software based solutions for each type of device: If you don't have an Apple device, you should purchase a few backup batteries from your vendor of choice. It might come in handy to have one or two spare batteries tucked away for emergencies. Just make sure to keep those spares charged. Invest in extra power adaptors for your car, place of work, and at home. That way, wherever you are and not using your phone, you can be getting your phone juiced up. Finally, your friends at IOGEAR have several external battery solutions. These are especially valuable for iOS devices, since their batteries are not easily replaced. You may also find that having a few of these devices around make it unnecessary to buy backup batteries. GearPower High Capacity Mobile Power Station  When you need maximum power and want the simplicity of a USB interface, this is your solution. With 1A and 2.1A USB charging ports and 6600 mAh of reliable power this device has you covered. GearPower - Portable Battery for Mobile Devices  If portability is your main concern, this is device you want. In fact, you probably want to have several, especially at that price. iPhone Only Options GearPower - Portable Battery Pack for iPhone  These compact battery packs are perfect for on the go travel where space is a concern. We suggest you keep several of these around at strategic locations in case of an emergency. For example, your glovebox, purse and/or drawer. GearPower - Leather Case for iPhone with Built-in Battery Pack  This battery pack integrates with your phone to double as a stylish leather case. GearPower Edge Rechargeable Protective Case Combo for iPhone  In addition to providing a nice level of protection and great battery backup power, this device has a cool kickstand for your viewing convenience. Do you have a horror story about running out of battery during the worst possible time? We want to hear your story! Share here on the blog, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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