Hunger Games at the Box Office: Is Your Home Theater Ready?

March 28th, 2012

It seems the movie season is now upon us. Young adult best seller, turned movie sensation, The Hunger Games grossed over $150 million over the weekend and marks the biggest opening for a non-sequel film. With more big blockbusters slated this spring/summertime, from the comedic and fantastical Mirror Mirror (March 30); to the action adventure flicks, The Avengers (May 4) and The Dark Knight Rises (July 20), there's plenty to start salivating over.  Source: While lots of action will be happening at theaters this year, not everyone will be hitting the theater. With the advent of On Demand, Netflix and Redbox, it's easier than ever to enjoy recent releases right in the comfort of your own home. So how can you get your home theater ready for 2012? Maybe you have all the equipment, but haven't figured out a way to give it that movie theater touch. Here are a few things to get you started. Get the Look Whether you are in the market for HDTV's with 3D support or video projectors with lampless LED technology, if you have a bunch of cables running around you're going to lose the effect. What movie theater have you been to that has a cable mess everywhere? Hopefully none. So why should your home entertainment experience be bothered by the same nuisance? Go wireless for that sleek home theater look. With the Wireless 3D Digital Kit you can stream 1080p HD and 3D content from your HD device straight to your TV or display wirelessly, which gives you that streamlined, clean look without breaking the bank, all while saving you the hassle of drilling and rewiring the house.  Source: CNET For those in the Apple ecosystem, the all-new Apple TV also cleans up your home entertainment area, allowing you to access all of your digital entertainment from movies to music from one small device. Designed with Apple's Airplay technology, you can wirelessly stream 1080p HD content from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to your widescreen TV. Internet Streaming  Source: Engadget Internet video streaming is the latest and greatest way to access tons of movies and TV shows. With so many content providers (Verizon and Redbox just announced a promising partnership) providing streaming services, you can almost access any content you want with a simple Internet connection. For devices such as your television, Blu-ray disc player or game consoles that may not have built-in Wi-Fi, you can get the Universal 5-Port Wi-Fi N Ethernet Hub, which connects up to 5 Ethernet enabled devices to any Wireless-N network in your home. Mobile Control  Source: Electronic House The latest talk in mobile technology is the convergence of your mobile devices with your digital living room. Apple has led the charge with various apps available to view your favorite movies and shows on the go. At the launch of the new iPad, also known as iPad 3, it was announced that there were over 585,000 apps in the app store. Now you can download home theater apps for your mobile iOS devices like the iPad/iPhone/iPod or Android tablets/smartphones to control your in-room experience. For a less energy draining solution, wireless Home Theater PC keyboards make a great alternative to accessing home theater content from your PC in the comfort of your living room. So what are you waiting for? While you're waiting for those awesome flicks this year, it seems only fitting to start looking at your own home entertainment center and start prepping for the imminent stream of blockbuster hits headed your way. Let us know what you think. Is your home theater up to snuff? What movies are you looking forward to seeing this year?

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