Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 11th, 2012

If you are just now reading this, chances are you're running late on giving mom her well deserved gift. While it's too late for us to help you on that, unless you don't mind springing for overnight shipping, we have some suggestions to keep mom happy while she waits for her belated gift. Source

Clean House

Give the gift of a day off. Put on some gloves, break out the cleaning gear and show mom your love through the gift of manual labor. Set mom up on the couch to watch her favorite show, unless she would gain more pleasure watching you scrub the floor, of course. ;) And while you're at it, help mom out by configuring the gadgets you bought her last year that are still sitting in the box. If you really want to be a superstar, connect her PC to TV and show her how to take advantage of the Internet on TV.

Homemade Gift

A gift made by you or your children can be the most amazing gift you can provide. Those are the types of gifts that don't get thrown away but treasured instead. Include photos and keepsakes that help highlight the good times. Mom will especially treasure these things when feeling blue and your too busy to call. (yes, we are employing the guilt factor) Source

Greeting Card

It doesn't take much to buy a greeting card, so make sure you take the extra time to personalize it with your own handwriting and some photos. And while your at it, throw in a nice gift card. If you get mom a Amazon Gift Card, she'll be able to save a bunch of money on IOGEAR goodies also. ;)

Belated Gifts

If mom is always on the go, mobile accessories can be just the gift to help her life run a little smoother. Think about the gadgets mom already owns. For example, if she owns a smartphone, then a GearPower battery pack would keep mom connected all through the day without the need for a wall outlet.  Most important is mom's safety, so why not give her the gift of hands free calling with the Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit. Now mom wont have to dangerously fumble around with her phone while trying to keep in touch with you.  What are you planning to do in celebration of your mother this Sunday? Please take some time and share your thoughts here on the blog, on Twitter or FaceBook.

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