This is Not Your Dad’s TV

June 14th, 2012

With Father's Day approaching this weekend we stop and reflect on how the television, one of a fathers favorite pastimes, and the television industry has shifted during the lifetime of your dad. Back in “the good ol' days” of your father (anyone over 40), each and every week more than 67 million people sat down to watch any number of TV shows without fail. Flash forward to today's top shows, and only 21 million are watching American Idol and a mere 14 million tune-in to Modern Family. In an interview with Evan Shapiro, Forbes outlines why TV is not dead, despite dwindling viewership. Source “The death of your father's TV does not mean that TV itself is not alive and well. In fact, TV is more of a creative and cultural force than it's ever been – more influential and better made than at any point in its history,” said Shapiro. “What's more, the technology that everyone sees as a threat to TV's throne as cultural king is the very thing that enables its dominance.” In fact, Forrester showed that in the past 5 years, Americans have added 25% more TV viewing – an hour more per day and 15 days' worth per year. How is that possible you may ask, if less people are tuning in to watch shows like my parents used to do? TV has new channels to reach consumers thanks to streaming media partnerships, such as Hulu, iTunes and Netflix, as well as new revenue models to help drive more content from the studios. TV content is streamed more and more as online distribution continues to be commoditized in many different forms, including wireless carriers, TiVo, YouTube, Vevo, Apple TV, iPad apps and so much more. Technology has enabled TV shows to be able to segment audiences and be reborn on the Internet, tablets and mobile devices. There are now communities that rally around shows that never would have lasted one week on a TV network in the 70's (e.g., The Jersey Shore, Pawn Stars, Deadliest Catch, etc.) “So, while television you and I grew up with may be gone, TV has evolved into something even bigger,” Shapiro adds. “Television is dead. Long live TV.” Source

A Special TV Version of Father's Day Gift Guide?

In honor of the rebirth of TV (new and old) and your dad (definitely old), the following are our top 5 Father's Day gift list ideas: 1. If you really want to be the favorite son/daughter, get dad an iPad, so that he (and you) won't miss any of the TV action on the go 
Source 2. For a device that can control the TV content and streaming content, check out the IOGEAR's Wireless HD 3D Digital Kit for one remote that controls them all. All your TV, gaming, web content and movies can be viewed in two different rooms without running cables. Source 3. Let dad pimp out his man cave with speakers that will bring his TV shows to life with Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

 4. To help dad make that jump to the digital age, a VHS to DVD recorder is the perfect gift to make sure he doesn't lose any of his TV and movie library

. Source
 5. As a nod to the nostalgia that may be buried in dear ol' dad, here is a great site to find products that will remind him of the golden years (or The Wonder Years as the case may be) We hope you have a happy Father's Day! Let us know how dad likes his gift at Facebook or on Twitter.

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