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July 10th, 2012

You've been lusting after a new flat screen TV with 3D capabilities. Maybe you already own one that's sitting in your living room and the 3D glasses are collecting dust. Either way, you'll be able to relate to one of the biggest questions we have: Where's all the 3D content we were promised?

Quite frankly, your options are limited. You can buy a 3D Blu-ray or DVD movie - but what if you already own that movie in 2D? Are you willing to pay more for the same movie? You can contact your cable or satellite provider and ask for 3D channels—at an extra cost to your existing plan that you already pay monthly fees for, but even then you're limited in the number of channels. You've invested hard earned money into that flat screen 3DTV and you're not using it to its fullest potential.

The recently launched IOGEAR 3D Complete+ addresses this very issue. With an existing 3DTV or 3D ready projector, the IOGEAR 3D Complete+ can turn all of your 2D content into 3D; whether you have active or passive 3D glasses. That means all your DVDs / Blu-rays can be converted to 3D with the IOGEAR 3D Complete+. Not to mention your personal collection of family home videos and pictures are now brought to life in 3D. How about watching your favorite sports team or TV show in 3D on the fly? It's all possible now with the innovative IOGEAR 3D Complete+. All this without any additional service or monthly fees.

The 3D Complete+ also offers user-controlled customization which differentiates itself with any other similar product in the market today. This is where IOGEAR's 3D Complete+ stands out. It conveniently allows you to enjoy real-time 2D to 3D conversion along with user-defined controls for a comfortable new element that you never knew was possible. As most people find it difficult to handle a 2-hour long movie, the IOGEAR 3D Complete+ was designed to provide a style of subtle 3D and comfort to be enjoyed for hours on end.

When the 3D Complete+ isn't converting video / movie content into 3D, it upgrades your 2D picture as well. With active video enhancement capabilities, picture quality becomes better instantly and delivered in real time with no user adjustment needed. The IOGEAR 3D Complete+ also upscales standard 480i/p resolutions to 720p and steps up native 720p videos to full1080p HD.

The 3D Complete+ will upgrade almost any home entertainment center, whether you're looking for a 3D converter, an HDMI switch or simply a way to increase the quality of entertainment that you watch daily.

Are you challenged or tired with the lack of 3D content available today for you and need a better solution? Let us know what you have found here in the blog comments, on Twitter or on Facebook.

For more detailed information, visit: http://go.iogear.com/lp/GHDSSW4/

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Gene Chi

Gene Chi

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