Movie Tech – Total Recall

July 31st, 2012

This summer a new version of Total Recall is coming to a theater near you. YES I am excited, and not just because I love the 1990 original. The original staring cast of Arnold S. as Douglas Quaid / Hauser, Sharon Stone as Lori, and Michael Ironside as Richter. Now we have the new cast of Colin Farrell as Doug Quaid/ Hauser, and one of my favorites in Bryan Cranston as Vilos Cohaagen, Jessica Biel as Melina, and Kate Beckinsale as Lori - Excited yet? Source The new cast are all actors and actresses that I really like. The biggest thing for me about the original Total Recall, was the original story idea, and all the awesome tech. I love sci-fi for that simple reason. The original was released in 1990 with some pretty far fetched tech concepts. What is the new one going to show us? In the Original 1990 version the story takes place in 2084. What's funny about that is that the tech that they showed us what would be 100 years in the future is mostly here already. Self driving cars. The Johnny Cab (It was so cool that a robot was driving). However, thanks to Google, we may have that half a century earlier than that movie predicted. In the trailers for the NEW Total Recall, I saw the flying car. AHHH I have been waiting for that since the early 90's when the Star Car 6 was announced in a Popular Science article. The experimental car/plane – Terrafugia looks like a start. Maybe in 30 years we will be close to what the new movie shows us. In the 1990 version, there is a scene where Doug comes down for breakfast, and what looks like a giant window and has a forest scene there is actually a huge TV with 3 more TVs running down the side. Well picture in picture is not new for us, and has been around since 1976, however in the movie it went to the extreme. A GIANT Television on the wall. Anyone seen the 100 inch TV by LG? Or does anyone use a projector? You could almost get a screen as big as a wall. In the movie, Lori is playing Tennis with a hologram projected into the living room. It is a full 3D hologram and showing her how to improve her serve. 3D TV's are here already. 3D projectors are here, holograms are coming. Interactive – think Xbox Kinect. IOGEAR is also jumping into the 3D arena with the new 2D to 3D converter. It will allow you to take any 2D content and convert it into 3D on a 3D TV. The 3D Complete will allow you to watch this classic movie in 3D using the DVD or Blu Ray copy that you already own. Yes I will be at the midnight show of the New Total Recall. I really want to see the tech in there.

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