Technology Can Be Sweet Music to Our Ears

August 2nd, 2012

August is National Audio Appreciation Month, so we pause to think about the tremendous contribution that music and audio have made in our society. Audio technology has come a long way in how we interact with people, books and music.

For music, in addition to the amusement that we get by following what the latest celebrity musician is doing and who he/she is dating, there are many health benefits to music. For instance, research has shown that music can be good for your heart and the overall cardiovascular system. Other benefits include stress reduction, stimulating the brain cells, helping you exercise more, enhancing sleep and even acting as a painkiller.


Listening to Innovation

Although we still haven't figured out how to ensure that cell phones won't drop calls, DECT 6.0 technology ensures that when you are talking to someone, you will be clearly heard on the phone.

Literature has seen its biggest growth period in years thanks to e-readers, tablets and laptops. Many are now becoming “audio enabled,” creating even more options for consumers to listen to books while multi-tasking.


The Sound of Technology

No audio article would be complete without mentioning how digital music and the iPod have revolutionized the music industry. Few young people even remember when you had to buy an entire CD just to purchase the one song you liked. Digital music continues to grow and give more flexibility with how consumers interact with their favorite tunes.  Source

Much has also been written about advancements in home theater speaker systems, but considering that more consumers are opting to streaming that music from their laptop or computer, IOGEAR has stepped in to help listeners enjoy DTS virtual surround sound anywhere, anytime. The IOGEAR USB Theater Sound Xperience is the perfect audio companion for people who listen to music or watch movies on their computers or laptops, as it provides virtual surround sound from the standard stereo headphone jack. Source

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