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November 1st, 2012

The Walking Dead season 3 is off and running (or walking) and it hasn't disappointed. Season 2 ended on such a high note, I thought there was no way they would be able to keep up that energy level and they would have to rebuild in season 3. I would like to officially declare how wrong I was, and how humbled I am after episode 1.

The Walking Dead

Zombies have been a huge fascination for me since I got a hold of the Max Brooks book: Zombie Survival Guide, and his phenomenal second book: World War Z, which by the way is coming to a theater near you, staring Brad Pitt. I would like to thank that Barnes and Noble employee who pointed me in that direction a few years ago.

Zombie Survival Guide
World War Z
Barnes and Noble

Since that time, I have been engaged in all things zombies, as it appears the rest of the country is.

As I reflect and ponder the latest installment of The Walking Dead, a few of my friends and I have had talks of what to do if… what would you take if….where would you go if…. It leads to some entertaining lunch time talk. I would still like to think my debating skills and mountains of research regarding Zombie lore have made me somewhat of a subject matter expert.

As our talks usually go, it's about what to take if you had a limited amount of space, and a limited time to gather your belongings.

Smartphones always are on the lists of my friends. It makes sense I guess… Needing to reach out to loved ones, trying to get a hold of 911 or anyone that would know what is going on. How long is that smartphone going to last you? Even in standby mode? What? Maybe a week?

If the Zombie apocalypse happens, I am assuming everyone is racing to the phone to call anyone they can to figure out what is going on. I would guess you would not be able to really get a hold of anyone for at least a few days. I am just basing this on other natural disasters that happen and people try to call into that area, or are calling out and the phone lines get jammed.

But let's just say for arguments sake that the phone lines somehow stay open. Your phone is going to eventually die, like the millions that now surround you heading your way. You need to call for help, argh, your phone is dead, argh, the power is down, and you forgot your charger as you left your house in a flight of terror.

Hopefully in your survival bag you have an IOGEAR GMP6600P. It is the latest in mobile rechargeable batteries from IOGEAR, and has an amazing 6,600 mAh of battery power. For those of you that do not speak in battery language, you can basically charge an iPad 2 from 0% to about 90% in a matter of hours. The GMP6600P has two ports that allow for a tablet and a smart phone to be charged at the same time.

Let's think about that for a second. You have escaped the initial wave of the Zombie apocalypse. You have established a rudimentary base camp. You and your crew, of at least 5 people, no more than 11, that's just basic Zombie survival skills, now have to forage for supplies. Not sure about you, but I do not own a set of walkie talkies, nor do I own a CB. My smartphone will have to be my main line of communication. We can charge our now close to dead smartphones with the GMP6600P, 1 for base camp, and 1 for the hunters, and head to the nearest place for foraging. If we run into a heard of zombies, we can call back to camp warning them to get ready, or just give a call to let them know of our success.

The GMP6600P will charge an average single smartphone about 6-7 times before the juice runs out. The charge on this battery will hold for about 6 months. So with that said, and using my phone sparingly, I could get well over a few months of use out of my phone and another phone before I am able to find another source of communication, or find some walkie talkies and some double AA batteries.

Since we are not in the midst of a Zombie apocalypse, the average user would find the GMP6600P a huge life saver. Traveling? No need to talk multiple chargers with you. Sitting in an airport trying to fight for the 1 available socket left to charge your phone or tablet 10 minutes before your flight? You can sit with ease and comfort in the boarding area, and on the plane charging and using your device without having to worry about the need for power. Think about the sounds you make when your tablet or phone are about to die, and you are nowhere near a source of power? (a low rumble climbs your throat, and apexes with a growl that escapes your lips) Congrats, your Smartphone or tablet has caused you to turn into a Zombie for power.

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, where will you go, what will you take? How will you survive? Weapons? Let me know what you think would be best for long term survival, and we can discuss….And if you are thinking a gun is the perfect weapon to take, then you are not a zombie fan and have no idea that a gun is only a last ditch effort of the desperate.

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