Home for the Holidays

December 3rd, 2012

With Thanksgiving come and gone, the holidays are in full swing for many Americans. This time of year likely means time with family - wherever they may be located. The average long-distance trip around Christmas and New Year's is 275 miles. Holiday travel is now increasing for the fourth year in a row.

But before you can relax with hot cocoa and gingerbread, there always are some holiday headaches, such as baggage fees on airlines, highway traffic and the chorus of "Are we there yet?"

Family roadtrip

To Grandma's House

Luckily, there are a variety of mobile tools designed to help make getting home for the holidays easier on the wallet and sanity. MacWorld highlights apps for Apple iOS and Android devices, including help with packing lists, navigation and airports. Keep your smartphone or tablet charged to power these electronic helping hands with one IOGEAR's three GearPower portable charging stations. The newest and most powerful option, is the Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station, capable of charging the most power-hungry devices, including Apple products.

Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station

If apps don't solve your travel stress, a little lower tech advice may be in order such as building in some extra time and bringing essential supplies for long waits such as food and water.

After dashing through the snow, you may arrive at grandma's only to find she doesn't have wireless internet to keep you connected. Here are several other options, courtesy of PC World:

  • Tether your smartphone
  • Connect to a mobile hotspot or USB modem
  • Find free, public Wi-Fi
  • Buy Wi-Fi access
WiFi spot

Home Sweet Home

Maybe this year, you are staying in your own home and family will come visit you. Be sure and prepare with technology essential to smooth holiday hosting: good music, TV and internet connections for all your family. IOGEAR's Universal Wi-Fi N Adapter connects devices such as Blu-ray player, HD TVs or game consoles to your wireless network. The extra connectivity is sure to help occupy younger cousins with movies, games or TV shows while the rest of the family enjoys an extra eggnog.

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