Wireless Innovation

December 11th, 2012

Relaxing with a movie used to mean quality time with your couch, TV and a bowl of popcorn. Now it might mean streaming the movie through your tablet and tweeting reaction through your smartphone while music plays through the TV's speakers streamed through Pandora. Wireless streaming is growing. Americans added five more hours of online video per month last quarter, according to Nielsen reporting.

The market is responding to this shift. Netflix just inked a deal to stream Disney movies and Redbox is launching instant streaming. Consumers aren't tethered to their TVs as wireless mobile devices give them new freedom.

Mobile to TV

A hot area to watch in 2013 is mobile to TV. Right now iPhone and iPad owners can wirelessly stream to an HDTV through an Apple TV. Of those who own smartphones, browsing the internet is the top use (phone calls is fifth), indicating a captive audience who might like to share that content with others on larger screens. The door is open for more innovation with CES right around the corner. Watch for wireless and new trends in 2013!

Wireless charging

Wireless innovations aren't just affecting personal activities and internet use. According to Forrester, 66 percent of employees now use two or more mobile devices for work.

Tangled wires photo

One of the most ubiquitous cords in living rooms or on office desks is the phone charger. Videos, web searching and emails take a toll on smartphone battery life, and manufacturers look to extend the life. Wireless charging already exists through charging mats like Powermat and Duracell, but just recently, Apple filed patents to create a "virtual charging area" to keep devices powered. You can grab one of IOGEAR's GearPower devices like the new GearPower Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station with has one of the highest power outputs in the industry to keep your battery full.

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