2013 Tech Trends

January 24th, 2013

The International CES gave us a look at the future of consumer electronics, but many innovations shown in Las Vegas are still years away. What trends and innovations can we actually expect to see this year? Here are some of our thoughts.

Smart TVs

We love home entertainment at IOGEAR, and we have been watching the increasing momentum building around Internet-connected TVs. From Samsung's simplified interface revealed at CES to Apple's rumored plans for this year and even a possibility of Intel joining the race, there is lots to watch 2013.

Smart TVs fit consumer trends toward more and more connected devices. A recent Accenture survey highlighted by TechCrunch showed "consumers are moving away from buying 'single-use' devices and opting instead for those that offer the ability to do many things, with smartphones (at 41% of respondents), PCs (36%), HDTVs (33%) and tablets (23%) topping the list of items consumers are most likely to buy in 2013, as gadget spending is projected to reach $1.1 trillion."

Samsung Smart TV

Source: ZDnet.com

IOGEAR has been part of connected devices movement with products that connect your PC to TV, smartphone to TV and a wireless matrix bridging up to five content sources to two projectors or TV screens.

Mobile devices and the Cloud

According to Forbes, 2013 is the year where mobile devices will pass PCs to be the most common Web access tools. A big piece of that is driven by tablets, of which U.S. ownership doubled in 2012, according to Forrester. With tablets and mobile devices comes an increasing need to sync across devices and rely on the cloud. That had implications for security and business users too. We think 2013 will be the year where more is available through the cloud, but consumers will need to understand more what that means for their privacy and data.

Smarter Everything

Beyond your TVs, tablets and phones, everyday gadgets will be getting smarter in 2013. The Nest thermostat learns owners' schedules and can be controlled from a phone. There are home security devices accessible through an app that go beyond break-ins to notify you if your pet escapes the backyard. With so much power in your pocket, keep that phone or tablet charged with IOGEAR's Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station.

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