Oscar Mania

February 20th, 2013

The Oscars are coming up on Feb. 24. More than 39 million people watched the awards ceremony last year making it one of the most watched TV events. In comparison, just 3,400 Hollywood elite can fit in the Dolby Theatre. Whether or not you'll be one of those watching, we have some tips for enjoying the Oscars – or keeping relevant from a far.

Viewing party

If you will be watching the show, there are no shortage of tips on how to channel the glitz and glamor in your own home.

Key items:

  • Fabulous finger food
  • Ballots for guests to vote
  • Drinks (preferably champagne)
  • Great and convenient TV viewing
Oscars party prep

IOGEAR can help turn the viewing party to a multi-room experience with the Wireless HD Digital Kit that lets you stream the show to another TV in another room, so guests who grab some food won't miss a minute away from the show.

Oscar speech

Catching up on the Buzz

Not watching the show? It's inevitable that whichever movie wins "Best Picture" (and "Best Director," "Best Actor" and "Best Actress") will be the talk around the water cooler. So make sure you know and watch the nominees. Here's a look at the best video streaming services to access from the comfort of your couch.

Additionally, you should know a little Hollywood gossip so you can keep up with what's trending on Twitter or filling the blogs. Here are some tips on the best ones to download.

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