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March 20th, 2013

Just a few weeks ago, Ted Talks 2013 gave the stage to artists, inventors, teachers and thinkers to share ideas that can change the world. We at IOGEAR love to hear about innovative technology that's transforming lives.

For example, TED Senior Fellow Anthony Vipin Das is an eye surgeon who has been developing shoes that use vibration and GPS technology to guide the blind.

Source: Anthony Vipin Das

Video still from Le Chal, courtesy Anthony Vipin Das.

Ted conferences take place all over the world throughout the year, and often include visionaries using technology. In Edinburgh, Scotland June 10-14, Chris Gerdes, director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, is scheduled to speak. He last spoke in a May 2012 Ted Talk about a vehicle his team developed that can drive 150 miles per hour and navigate dozens of hair-raising turns –with nobody at the wheel. These test cars push the limits of performance and help show researchers how to make automobiles more capable of avoiding accidents.

Body architect Lucy McRae is exploring the convergence of the body and technology. A stunning slide show in her February 2012 TED talk, illustrated some of her innovations, such as clothes the recreate the body's insides, and a perfume pill that, when swallowed, turns your sweating skin into a scent atomizer.

IOGEAR Innovations

Pushing boundaries is one promise of technology, and something that drives many of the innovations at IOGEAR. Two new innovative products launched at CES this year pushed the industry's wireless technology boundaries. The Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix allows home users to send full, uncompressed HD 1080p content wirelessly to up to five different devices. For example, if you keep your DVD player, cable box and Nintendo console in the family room, you can send content from those devices to TVs in two different rooms, such as the kitchen or bedroom.

Building on growing smartphone trends, the new Wireless Mobile and WiDi to HDTV streams videos, photos, music and web content from a smartphone, tablet or laptop to an HDTV up to 30 feet away. Thanks to this device, a video of a toddler walking that was captured on a smartphone can be transferred to the TV for the whole family to enjoy.

These devices may change the way people connect and enjoy content in their homes – and maybe, inspire a world-changing technology to be seen at future Ted Talks.

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