Tax Day Tech

April 12th, 2013

Whether you have already filed your taxes, or plan to take care of your returns this week, April 15 is a deadline you can't miss. Here at IOGEAR, we explored some ways technology can help during tax season and beyond.

Technology and Taxes

Here are some tips on technology that can help with taxes.

  • File online: According to a Pew Internet report, 70 percent of people who filed their taxes online say it saved them time (an average of 1.5 hours). You can use a myriad of online filing sites like, which also has an iPad app for your convenience.
  • Don't miss the deadline: April 15 comes quickly and if you're late, the IRS charges interest until payment is received. If you haven't filed yet, you're among more than 20 percent of Americans who also have waited until the last week. Next year, use a reminder application to set notifications a few months in advance, so you have time to prepare, and time to file.
  • Take your breaks: Donations, medical expenses and mortgage interest qualify as deductions and can lower your taxable income. To manage your expenses and maximize your deductions next year, download the MileBug Mileage Log & Expense Tracker to keep track of your trips or Shoeboxed, which digitizes your receipts into formatted data.
  • Track your refund: The IRS generally issues your refund in less than 21 calendar days after they receive your tax return. They have provided a secure online tool, Where's My Refund, to help track the status of your refund so you know what's coming your way!

Smart Spending with Your Return

Now what to do with all that money saved from filing a smart return? The IRS reported 75 percent of individual tax returns in 2012 received a tax refund for an average amount of $2,803.

Maybe it's time for a new tablet to stay updated, organized and digital. Perhaps you need to upgrade from your old mobile phone to a new smartphone to stay on top of your calendar and connected on all platforms.

If you are getting a new mobile device, you'll need to keep it charged. IOGEAR's GearPower 10k will keep your new tablet, phone, or camera powered while you're on the go. The super high capacity battery charger allows simultaneous charging of two devices with its dual USB outputs for fast, convenient charging.

Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station

Whether you spend your return or save it for later, technology can make April 15 a breeze.

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