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May 29th, 2013

It's becoming more and more common to see an office desk, coffee table, night stand or vehicle console with a smartphone or tablet there too. About 22 percent of Americans own tablets and 45 percent own smartphones. But how consumers use each of these devices can differ. For example, a Jumptap MobileSTAT study showed consumers use smartphones fairly steadily throughout the day, while tablet use rises sharply at night. This is partly attributed to tablets being used more for leisure such as media and entertainment compared to smartphones, which tend to be used more for social communication and tasks. The differences also play out in other parts of the day, and even by gender and age.


In general, studies show tablets appeal to a slightly older audience, but they equally split between the genders, compared to smartphones which lean slightly younger and male. There are helpful resources for determining whether a smartphone or tablet fits your needs best. Once you decide between the two, there are also accessories like IOGEAR's GearPower mobile charging stations.


Forrester research shows more than half of employees are already using their personal devices for work, including both tablets and smartphones. Industry leaders expect the trend to continue expanding. To help you keep up with the trend and efficiently switch between a work PC and mobile device, IOGEAR recently introduced its Bluetooth Desktop Dock to share the PC or Mac desktop keyboard and mouse with up to two Bluetooth enabled mobile devices.

IOGEAR Bluetooth Desktop Dock


While a Nielsen survey showed the majority of U.S. smartphone and tablet owners have used their devices for shopping, their purchasing and on-the-go activities on each device are different. Smartphones are more likely to be used for locating a store, using a shopping list or redeeming a mobile coupon. However, 42 percent of tablet owners have used their devices to purchase items, compared to just 29 percent of smartphone owners.


Since the highest use time for mobile devices is in the evenings, what are consumers doing on either the smartphone or tablets? Research shows they are using them while watching TV, playing games, surfing their social networks and keeping life on track.

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