End of Summer Road Trips

September 3rd, 2013

There are a few reasons September might mean you're jumping behind the wheel for a drive.

  • Squeezing in the last trip of the summer with kids. Some states, including Virginia, Michigan, and Minnesota, have mandated a post-holiday start to the school year to boost tourism.
  • Headed towards a college campus, either for yourself or with a child who is leaving the nest. Interestingly, the highest achieving students tend to pick colleges farther from home.

With these road trips, we thought we'd suggest some car-ready tech to keep you loving the journey with the air conditioner on high.

Keeping in touch

Almost every state has laws against holding or texting on a cellphone, so be sure and pick up a great Bluetooth device if you need to take an incoming call. You also can use your phone to scout out the nearest gas station, accidents, construction sites, and even police traps with help from top road trip apps.

Keeping entertained

Sure, the scenery may be beautiful, but when it's just miles of highway, you may want a movie, your favorite photos or that murder-mystery novel you're working on. With the new IOGEAR MediaShair Hub you can now take your files on the go and share them with all your wireless devices. The content can be shared with seven devices within range, serving every passenger.

 MediaShair Hub

Also a must: a pair of great noise-cancelling headphones. They will help you keep your entertainment to yourself or block out someone snoozing in the backseat.

Don't forget a camera too. You never know what you'll capture when you take a quick detour or wrong turn.

Keeping charged

With long stretches between pit stops, you'll need to keep your devices charged. IOGEAR's Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station is the most powerful portable battery in our lineup, ready to charge tablets and smartphones simultaneously. Since it's compatible with most smartphones and tablets, including the iPadĀ®, as well as handheld gaming systems, digital cameras and MP3 players, no one will be out of luck when a battery drains on the road.

Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station

Pack up that duffel bag and jump on the road!

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