How to have the ULTIMATE Viewing Party

September 25th, 2013

Football season is officially underway, and you know what that means, SUNDAY FUNDAY, Monday Night Football and of course what every football diehard fan waits for… The Super Bowl!!!

This means tailgates and backyard parties for all of us that cannot make the game in person. So we are going to bring the tailgate home and then some! Follow these simple steps and of course add your own flare or team pride to make it the Ultimate Viewing Party this year!

Step 1: Invitations

Whether it be the traditional mail cards or the text you need to let everyone know when and where! My recommendation is an e-vite. There are tons of websites that you can go to customize your invitation with all the information your guests will need to know, such as evite or eventbrite. The best part? These sites will automatically send your guests a reminder so they know your party is around the corner after they RSVP.

Step 2: Decide on catering or cooking

In our opinion pot lucks are always the best! This way everyone is for sure to have something they cannot wait to munch on. Designate everyone to bring a dish whether it is snacks, main dish or desserts. You will be providing the little finger foods and fun decorative foods to set the mood for the evening. As an added bonus, on your e-vite that you already sent out, there is most likely a tracker for who is bringing what so you know what to expect and keep track of it!

Try making foods in the theme of the party as well! Make chips and salsa dip in helmets or maybe a field with meats and cheese! And for dessert, football brownies are always a huge hit! Check out End Zone Edibles for some more great ideas.

Step 3: Football Pool

Friendly competition is a must! Make Football squares for the scores at the end of each quarter and have those who want to participate, simply put in $1 or more per square and put the persons' initials in the squares they want. There are 4 times you can win, the final score being worth the most! Who doesn't want to win some money!!

Step 4: Kids Area

The easiest way to appease your guests is to make sure their kids are entertained so they can actually enjoy the game. Set up a small area in the backyard or wherever works for you with activities- maybe even coloring pages of football players and games- for the kids and a cooler full of kid appropriate drinks and kid friendly snacks. Maybe even a TV! (You can use the Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix so the kids can be watching a movie while you are watching the big game in the main room!)

Step 5: Day of the Party

Make sure your beverages are stocked, food ready to go, house cleaned-hopefully- the TV is working, of course, and that you are ready to throw the ULTIMATE Viewing Party.

We'd Love to hear what you added to your Ultimate Viewing Party! Comment and let us know so we can keep adding to our list!

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Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

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