Back on Campus

October 3rd, 2013

Fall is a great time to be on a college campus, whether you're a student yourself or catching a football game as alumni. If you peek into a dorm room while you're there, you'll see that technology is a staple of student life -- and there's no space to waste when you're sharing a room.

Class Comes First

While it may not be a fun as a home game, homework has to get done. The right laptops can easily move among class, the library, the dorm room and the coffee shop. First check out if the school has any requirements for the device then dive into recommendations from PC Mag to find the best fit.

Speaking of homework, group projects can be some of the most challenging assignments when it comes to sharing the research files, photos and videos needed to make a presentation go smoothly. Gather the team and use IOGEAR's MediaShair Hub with your USB flash drive or portable hard drive. The built-in Wi-Fi connection shares the content with up to seven Android, iOS or laptop devices. With access to the materials, everyone can do his or her fair share.

MediaShair Hub

When it comes time to show off your work, the MediaShair Hub has EXFAT drivers built in so your team can play files larger than 4GB, including in HD. That'll impress the professor.

Getting Around Campus

Getting between class, home and everywhere else is better with a few helpful gadgets along the way. For the walk across campus or help blocking out noise when studying, pick a good pair headphones that will work with your phone, MP3 player or laptop. And since your smartphone will likely be your connection to classmates, friends and parents back home, keep it protected with a good case. Maybe even take it one step further with this model that also has a convenient USB stick for times when you need to get notes from a classmate.

Kicking Back

When you're back at the dorm get some of the essentials: cool speakers, a microwave and a TV or projector to make the best use of a small space. Four years will go by fast, so once everything is charged up and ready, leave the dorm room and enjoy!

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