Black Friday Survival Guide

November 13th, 2013

That time of year is here and the preparation begins early! Are you ready? If not check out this simple guide on "How To Survive Black Friday". Remember if you plan on going out this year, make sure you take coffee and happy pills, no one likes when people are cranky running around in these large crowds! Don't forget if you do not like crowds, fighting for products and dealing with people then you should stay home and prepare for Cyber Monday, Black Friday is for the calm, prepared and resilient ;).

Christmas Lists

Make sure that you have everyone's Christmas lists early, preferably now. Kids often already have these working since summer so it shouldn't be too much of an issue, but for the adults on your list make sure to ask them now what they want so you can prepare. Don't forget to have yours ready too because if you are going to ask what they want they will probably ask you the same question right there!

Research Ads & Coupons

Do your research. If you want to properly do Black Friday then start looking at ads now and see where the cheapest of the products are going to be. Many sites do previews of products just so you can prepare. For general sales just keep those in mind for the bottom of your to go to list. Make sure to print specific ads just in case the employees get confused in the chaos you can show them what you are talking about. Also, having your coupons in order makes check out that much faster and you that less frustrated.

Buddy System

Going out to war alone is no fun. Use the buddy system; ask girl friends or family members to go with you! Not only does it make the day more efficient and bearable but if you have a large ticket item that you are getting for another family member maybe now you two can split it! One year my mom even recruited my friends and I to go stand in certain lines that required a specific ticket, all she did was buy us breakfast and we were all in and got some stuff ourselves!

Map out your adventures

If you plan on going to multiple stores make sure you check the times of the sales and the distance. Don't drive all over town if you don't have to. Try and have a rhyme and reason to your driving!

Equip your phones

Apps, apps, apps! Make sure you download the apps for the stores you are going to for last minute updates, coupons or codes. Also, make sure to download Black Friday apps so you can see what other stores are offering and compare prices.

Prepare for the long hall

Make sure to pack a bag of snacks. People are brutal, if you want to get out of line to buy a coca-cola, think again the lady behind is NOT saving your spot, and she is capitalizing on your weakness! Bring a large purse or bag with snacks, drinks and candy because you will need a pick-me-up at some point during the long night/morning.

Dress code

Dress comfortable and mobile, no high heels, no skirts, no dresses, no exceptions! Work out pants and sneakers are going to be your best friend this night! It is a long night on your feet so make sure you are comfortable and not straining your body.

Try and take all of these ideas into consideration, you want to be prepared and not look like a lost deer at the stores! Good Luck and remember if you are too intimidated or just do not have the patience for this, just do Cyber Monday! Let us know if you have any other ideas so we can add them to our growing survival guide to Black Friday!

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Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Wortley is a Marketing Maven coming from the Beauty Industry. She is now the Marketing Specialist at IOGEAR in charge of Social Media and Marketing. With a diverse background of industries she is ready to take on the technology world!