How to wake up after the Holidays!

December 20th, 2013

Waking up after the Holidays is always hard, all the food, excitement and entertainment, it's a wonder anyone makes it to work on time after Christmas and New Year's! Since we wanted to make sure we all make it to work on time to start 2014 off right, we wanted to share some great iPhone alarm apps to help you too!
This app has it all, not only does it analyze your sleeping patterns and give you a report it will also wake you up according to lightest time during your sleep. Simply plug in a 30 minute period in which you want to wake up and the alarm will measure your sleeping and wake you up at the best point during that time frame so you wake up refreshed and not grogging from being in a deep sleep!
This app is not for those who get dizzy easily! When you alarm goes off you have to get up and spin 2 times holding your phone to get the alarm to turn off, otherwise it will continue to go off!
Now with this one, I am jealous that I did not think of this concept! At night you have to take a picture in the app of something in the house, preferably you bathroom sink or maybe your coffee pot. When the alarm goes off the next morning, in order to silence the alarm you have to take a picture of that same area! This forces you to get up and get moving in the morning!
Pandora and standard iPhone Alarm:
Now with Pandora you can wake up to your favorite music station. Or keep it simple and just add our favorite song to your alarm so you get up shaking and moving! If you have any other favorite alarm apps let us know! We are always looking for a way to get to work on time :)

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