Battle of the Smartphones

September 1st, 2014

Once again, we have the battle of the smartphones, where we have the top 2 brands selling pretty much the same device. The differentiating factors / the things in the balance which we use to make our "educated decisions" can be summed up into 3 categories.

  1. Brand partisan – You either love them or hate them.
    • Love them: Yes, there are a lot of people who buy the product solely based on the brand as it's perceived to be "the cool in thing to have" and provide a certain level of "status". This isn't usually the most informed choice, but it does suit the need for most general users.
    • Hate them: Where one will never buy the device solely based on the fact of its brand. There are a lot of people who do not follow the trend and will purposefully buy the competing product to have their own sense of "individuality" and "status".
  2. Ecosystem – The concept of having everything provided by a single source and building their music, video and media lifestyle around it. It provides a sense of convenience, stemming from comfort and simplicity; which can also make switching to a different brand a difficult choice. This also includes owning the multiple devices, such as tablets or other music players of the same brand.
  3. The specs – This is the actual performance of the device along with its features and capabilities to fit or expand on your needs. This is when a person compares the 2 smartphones side by side and makes a decision based on a few factors:
    • How fast is it?
    • How big or small is the screen?
    • How much internal memory (storage) does it have, can I expand the storage?
    • What connection options does it come with? (USB, HDMI, Lightning, Micro USB, SD Card slot)
    • What features, apps or capabilities does it have / come with it?
    • How long does the battery last?
    • Will it play all my music and movie files?
    • And then finally the golden question, "How much will all this cost me?"

So the questions comes down to what do you do? Do you go with convenience, even if that means possibly buying a product that might not be as good as the other? Do you let social status become a factor in your buying decision? Or do you break the norm and go with something that is different than you're used to because you want to try something new? Or go with the product that technically has more features, options and capabilities?

The greatness of our smartphones have been overly simplified to such a degree that yes, some will choose because it's Red, or because they know they can get on Facebook.

But, here's something to think about; the simplicity is what's so amazing when you think of what we're able to do now with a pocket-sized device. When these new devices come out, technology is really what we're pushing forward and helping lead the trend on what wasn't possible to what is or going to be possible. I'm talking technology in a more broad sense in terms of the device's performance, capabilities, the networks / bandwidth / data communication on which they work on, the security and the applications / solutions in which we can tackle to truly shape our future of communication and interaction with people and business.

Something to remember; we can learn to help shape our future or let the future shape us.

About the Author

Ruben Lugo

Ruben Lugo

Ruben is a product marketer with over 17 years of experience and has been with IOGEAR since 2008. Ruben enjoys science, technology, movies, music, martial arts and much more. He also has a wealth of useless knowledge, such as movie quotes - Minus 2 plus 2, fill the hole… (what movie?)