Internet Safety Basics- You are not alone!

September 10th, 2014

Internet safety is important for all ages! With how many “villians” are out there on the web trying to steal your information, you need to make sure you are at least covering the basics. There are of course a lot more intense ways to protect you on the internet but let's just start with the basics for now.

  1. You don't know it, DON'T click it
    If you do not know the person sending you the email, or if you did not click open that extra window, do not click on the link. This is an easy way for people to redirect you and try and steal your information.
  2. Antivirus programs
    There are plenty of options for antivirus programs, make sure to install one asap and run diagnostics regularly to make sure you are not missing anything. This is a simple way to keep your computer safe.
  3. If someone asks for your personal information DO NOT just give it
    If someone emails you they need your social security number for an online purchase you made, please do not give them this information. Contact any companies that you have recently purchased from and change your passwords and information so no one can gather any extra information on you.
  4. Passwords, DO NOT use the word PASSWORD
    If your password is currently PASSWORD, please go change it, RIGHT NOW. Make sure it is not any names or birthdates, make it something that no one could guess, use uppercase and lowercase as well as symbols to make it harder for someone to guess it.
  5. Do not be too social on social networks
    Please do not tell people on Twitter that you are on vacation with no alarm system. I know this sounds like common sense, but it is not. Make sure that you keep personal information and activities to a minimum. If someone knows that there is a weakness or vulnerability, they will use it!
  6. Better safe than sorry
    Always be cautious, do your research. If you are unsure, google the company or person trying to get information from you, being too trusting will get your information stolen and fast.
  7. Do not feel stupid
    The reason people have even realized what the basics to Internet safety is because someone experienced it. This means that if you experience it, you are not alone. Check out forums and articles and see what I mean. Fraud is a constant threat on the Internet so be afraid but do not feel stupid if it happens to you.

Do you have some basic Internet Safety rules that you follow, let us know so we can continue to help our Internet friends!

About the Author

Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Wortley is a Marketing Maven coming from the Beauty Industry. She is now the Marketing Specialist at IOGEAR in charge of Social Media and Marketing. With a diverse background of industries she is ready to take on the technology world!