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September 10th, 2014

BBQ Weekend

Smoked BBQ is some of the best tasting BBQ out there, from brisket, tri-tip, pulled pork and the infamous ribs that everyone loves. If you're like me, going out to your favorite BBQ place with friends and family is always fun, but nothing beats homemade BBQ. As some of you know, when running a low and slow, we're looking at a minimum of 4 to 12 hours, depending on what you're smoking on the grill. The question everyone asks is, how can you sit out there for so long, don't you get bored; how do you have the patience? Then they say, let me know when it's ready I'll show up to start eating. Well, here's a trick you can use on your next early morning Smoke BBQ weekend to get everyone to hang out with you and make a great day of sharing the joys of making smoked BBQ.

Check List to Running Low and Slow

When getting ready to smoke for some ribs for 6 hours, there are a few things one always has to prepare for a check list.

  1. If you're using the 3-2-1 method (6hrs), you'll need a couple things to make those ribs just melt: Aluminum foil, apple juice, squeeze bottle butter, your rub, brown sugar and some spicy honey always adds a great touch.
  2. The racks of ribs – 2 full St. Louis baby racks usually run 3.5lbs each, making 7lbs of ribs to enjoy.
  3. The dry rub - You can use a premade store bought or making your own is easy and fun with your house hold seasonings. You mix your sea salt, ground black peppercorn, onion powder, paprika, garlic powder, some ground cumin, and a little cayenne pepper. Rub it all over the ribs and then top it with some good dark brown sugar. Let it sit for about a half hour before putting them on the racks.
  4. The wood you're going to use – Hickory / Pecan is a great combo or using a fruit wood also works great, apple or cherry.
  5. A good chair to relax on.
  6. Some ice cold beverages – You have to keep hydrated
  7. Snacks – Chips and salsa fit every occasion.
  8. The IOGEAR GW3DHDKIT, Wireless HD Digital Kit – This allows you to bring an HDTV out to the back yard patio without having to run all those cables. Now you can wireless watch your favorite sports games or enjoy some funny movies while relaxing out with the BBQ.

Backyard Party Time

Its 11am, you just put the ribs in the smoker and you're going to hang out and watch a movie or check out the games before spraying them with apple juice at the top of the next 3 hours. Friends come over around 12 and they throw some hot dogs on the grill, maybe some burgers for a midday lunch. With the Wireless HD Digital Kit (GW3DHDKIT) you've been able to bring out an HDTV and invite everyone together to be involved with smoked BBQ process, enjoy some midday BBQ and all take in a great weekend afternoon with the glorious rib dinner on the way.

Halfway There

By hour 3, its time to take the ribs out of the smoker and wrap them up in aluminum foil for the next 2 hours. This is where you can tease everyone with how they look and smell; they're not quite ready, but you're about to make them fall of the bone moist. Hit pause on the movie and show everyone the great cook you are. Lay the foil out and apply your butter, brown sugar, a little bit of your dry rub and some honey. Lay those ribs in there meat down and do the same to the rib side. Just before wrapping them up tightly, pour a little apple juice in there so all those ingredients just get soaked up into the meat while back in the smoker. Once their wrapped up, place them back in the smoker for the next 2 hours, grab another drink and un-pause the movie for continued backyard BBQ and movie fun.

Home Stretch

After those 2 hours, which is either a movie or another game, it's time to take the wrapped up ribs out of the smoker for the last golden hour. Hit pause on the movie or game, let everyone know what you're about to do and have them marvel in the beauty when you unwrap the ribs and lay them back in the smoker for their final hour of tenderness. You can keep the wonderful juices to use as a mop sauce for the ribs or feel free to use your favorite BBQ sauce; just remember great ribs don't need BBQ sauce; mop them up and let them run 1 more hour. This is where your friends or family play their part, they can pitch in with BBQ beans, potato salad or getting the bake potatoes ready. Keep hydrated.

Time for Dinner

It's been a fun filled afternoon, you were able to have people over to experience the wonderful wood smoked smell of a low and slow BBQ, watch the big game and funny movies wirelessly with the Wireless HD Digital Kit and made it a fun filled interactive day. It's time to tell everyone to get their plates ready because it's time to take the ribs out and start cutting / serving.

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