Mobile Device Ecosystem Security

September 18th, 2014


Per a previous blog I wrote Battle of the Smartphones a part of the buying decision is Ecosystem as it provides a simple and convenient way of managing all of your content, from audio, video and photos from one single source; a central hub station if you will. The proprietor of this ecosystem provides a platform in which distributes content to millions of people worldwide and allows the user and their multiple devices a wide range of selections / choices of content per the users desire.

Setting A New Standard

Recently, within a current ecosystem, content was distributed and installed onto millions of devices without the users' awareness, consent and or desire for such content. Millions of users turned their devices on and were shocked to see something on their phone and tablets that they didn't ask for nor authorize. It outraged many and caused a change in the way content can be delivered. This set a precedent within the industry and the ecosystem of millions of worldwide users and raises the questions of security, privacy and choice. What many don't realize though is when agreeing to the "terms and conditions" there's always the fine print giving many of your rights away or giving the proprietor more authority over your account information without your consent. So where does it go from here?

Global Implications

Think for a second, these devices are not just consumer products, these are business tools used around the world by professionals, healthcare, banking, financing, broadcasting, government, education and even in child care. The distribution and installation of files on to millions of devices overnight without warning or request by the recipient is a serious potential cyber security threat. With all the recent breach of information out of the consumer retailers and banks we've seen personal information and credit card information stolen. There's a full push and pull of information going on, meaning the ability to send you information and actions of taking information from you; if security is breached, that's another massive issue. This new action taken by the proprietor of this ecosystem adds a whole new element; personal information, financial information, company information, government information, healthcare information all could be taken at once and or an installation of a virus, malware or monitoring system could be injected to millions worldwide causing potentially a global crash or manipulation of information.


One could say this is all conspiracy or theoretical paranoia and could never happen, but with recent breach of information precedents in our digital, online / cloud and mobile electronic system lifestyle is it too much to ask? Maybe we as a society should be more self-aware and be more cautious when clicking that infamous “agree” to terms and conditions or think more about the digital ecosystem we participate in.

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Ruben Lugo

Ruben Lugo

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