Time, Technology or Lazy - Changing the Way We Interact

September 23rd, 2014

In today's world of "being social", we've evolved into more of an interpersonal digital social communication with those around us. If we think back, before personal technology we walked around and greeted people with a hello, had small chats with those around us, road our bikes and went to play with someone. We'd play in the back yard, front yard, go to the park or to another friend's house because they just got something new to play with. It was a time of being creative / constructive with our hands and feet; giving us the need to use our brains and apply ourselves while being outdoors with something tangible. It opened up a world of creativity, personal / social skills and real world character building activities for each of us.

Societal Networking

In today's society, we find ourselves addicted to our devices and computers as it's become our portal of everything we know. Technology has provided a simplified means of daily communication with friends, family, coworkers and our jobs. From the invention of Email, tapping of text messages and the ever so popular online social networking we've become immediately connected to everyone. Incidentally our actual social lifestyle and personal communication has become more indirect and not so personal.


  • How many of you have said these exact words or phrases to a close friend:
    • Didn't you get my email / text / post / comment?
  • Do you feel closer to your friends when you look at your phone, tablet or computer to check friends' online status?
  • Feel the need to express your daily achievements or activities by broadcasting it digitally online for all to see and know?


Has technology made us lazy?

  • Would you rather text someone instead of call them?
  • Do you write stories when texting with friends or family?
  • Have more virtual friends than you actually associate with in real life?
  • Ever been at a restaurant and found yourself texting the person in front of you or going online to look at other people status updates, while you're supposed to be socializing “talking” with your friends right in front of you?
  • Ever find yourself watching everyone else's videos and saying you'd love to go do that or say, that looks like fun, but never actually do anything?

Is it technology, the dawn of time or our own personal satisfaction of getting so much information without having to get off the couch and actually talk to someone or do something that has changed the way our society has become more social? It could be a combination of all three as we get so caught up in our lives that our social lifestyle has morphed to a hybrid existence of the real world and the virtual world.

Virtual reality will never replace real life, but the trend of them weaving together can be a great thing. If we're not careful it could also make us more detached and slow us down. It's our job as a society and as a culture to shape the future technology and not let technology shape us.


About the Author

Ruben Lugo

Ruben Lugo

Ruben is a product marketer with over 17 years of experience and has been with IOGEAR since 2008. Ruben enjoys science, technology, movies, music, martial arts and much more. He also has a wealth of useless knowledge, such as movie quotes - Minus 2 plus 2, fill the hole… (what movie?)