Microsoft Office for iPhone… it is now here & it’s free?!

November 7th, 2014

Microsoft Office for iPhone… it is now here & it's free?!

When Microsoft Office originally came out for iPhone everyone was pretty disappointed. Let's be real, no one was happy with it. It had only a few editing tools and constantly messed up the layout. To correct this problem, Microsoft is completely getting rid of Office Mobile and allowing customers to download three iPhone apps: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This will be exactly how it is on the iPad. Some great additions to the iPhone apps:

  • In Excel there is a full view version where readers can view the file without worrying that they will accidentally press a button and erase the whole thing.
  • In word, the Ribbon for the keyboard is at the bottom so it is out of the way and view while users are on the word app unless they need to type.

Oh, and did I mention that it is Free? I suggest you get this now, even if you do not necessarily use it right away because who knows how long this will last!

All in all, Microsoft is working to accommodate the iPhone more. There are still some restrictions such as not being able to grab pictures from other sources beside the camera roll, but maybe this will be the next big update. I personally cannot wait to run home and download all of these apps. Between work and school, this is a great solution to keep me constantly up to speed with everything!

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Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

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