Festival and Concert Essentials

February 11th, 2015

Music festival season and summer concert series are right around the corner. This means long hours watching your favorite bands and looking up lyrics and trying to find your friends when you lose them at the pretzel stand. I asked some of our coworkers what the biggest bummer is when their battery runs out on their devices and here is the list:

  • Trying to get in contact with friends when you get lost
  • Meet up with your friends at the venue that you didn't drive with
  • Call Uber/Lyft/Taxi after the event
  • camera/GoPro dies so you can't capture all the memorable moments of your night
  • your electronic cigarettes die

Then we asked, "What is a necessity to bring to the event so you have a carefree experience?"

  • Battery Charger that can charge multiple devices (GEARPOWER Battery chargers have enough power to charge your iPhone 6 0-100% three times!)
  • Download the Uber or Lyft App before and input your information
  • Write your friends phone numbers down on a piece of paper and stick it in your wallet
  • Gum – you are there all day and you eat so many different flavors, you need to clean your palette
  • Baby wipes because festivals are often on open fields and the dirt tan is not always the most attractive
  • Water, because well we do not want anyone to pass out from dehydration

These were just a couple of items that people thought where necessary, what else would you bring to an all day concert or festival?

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Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Sigafoos-Wortley

Kayla Wortley is a Marketing Maven coming from the Beauty Industry. She is now the Marketing Specialist at IOGEAR in charge of Social Media and Marketing. With a diverse background of industries she is ready to take on the technology world!