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June 3rd, 2019

Share Pro: Reinvent the Presentation with the Push of a Button

Wireless presentation systems can transform any meeting into a shared interactive experience with engaged participants capable of sharing insights with the touch of a button from their HDMI- or USB-C supported device. With the IOGEAR’s Share Pro ™ Expandable Wireless Presentation System (GWHD101KIT) utilize the latest in wireless technology to eliminate the need for cables and cumbersome set ups to streamline the boardroom or classroom with the push of a button.

What is a Wireless Presentation System?

A wireless presentation system is a media streaming device that enables one or more users to wirelessly present content from an HDMI-enabled device on an HDMI display or projector using screen mirroring technology. The technology is suitable in various collaborative environments including meeting rooms, conference rooms, and classrooms.

The Share Pro™ Expandable Wireless Presentation System can enable up to 10 users to share video presentations, spreadsheets, and documents with almost any device with an HDMI port or USB Type C port whether using Windows or Mac—without connecting to the Wi-Fi or installing any additional software—to make any collaboration quick and efficient.

Use Case Scenarios

Almost any industry that requires the sharing of information can use the wireless system to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

  • • Small Businesses: Small companies that want to compete when it comes to servicing client and marketing products. Content sharing allows them to communicate in-house and encourages them to share ideas, presentations, and decision making without involving additional IT support. Share Pro’s dedicated wireless poses no security risk to local networks.

  • • Medical Organizations: There are many applications for the wireless system in the medical field. Hospital staff can attend meetings and easily share medical updates and doctors can easily present content about treatments and patient care to colleagues within an impromptu meeting room or a designated space.

  • • Educational Organizations: With wireless system capabilities, college campuses can offer collaboration tools and interactive teaching to engage students. Using laptops, students and teachers from a small classroom or a large lecture hall can see the same information and offer counterpoints via different devices allowing the free flow of ideas via the push of a button.

  • • Large Organizations: Wireless system collaboration solutions make sharing and presenting in a conference room setting fast and uncomplicated. Utilizing up to 10 laptops or tablets, associates can read, edit, and comment on presentations in real time without the need to connect via an HDMI cable.

The Share Pro™ Expandable Wireless Presentation System comes with a variety of features perfect for any size business or classroom.

HD Resolution

Stream 1080p @60Hz video and sound from up to 10 devices to one display or extend the HDMI-enabled laptop screen for an oversized monitor experience.

Multi-Platform Devices

The Share Pro™ Expandable Wireless Presentation System is used with any display or projector for quick presentation sharing from any HDMI-enabled device including desktop PCs, laptops and Macs. No additional software needed to start sharing.

Multi-User Collaboration

Up to 10 users can access the system one at a time for a simple, smooth presentation experience and control the display with a push of a button on the transmitter. The system provides great interactivity, perfectly suitable for open-forum discussions in meeting rooms or classrooms of any size.

Long-Range Wireless Connectivity

The system covers a wide signal range that is suitable even for large rooms, where users can show their presentations over distances up to 120 ft.

Dedicated Wi-Fi Signal

Share Pro™ Expandable Wireless Presentation System utilizes a dedicated Wi-Fi signal for transmitters and receiver requiring no Internet connection to the start using the system.

Compact and Mobile

The Share Pro™ Expandable Wireless Presentation System transmitters are slim compact devices, ideal for in-room usage. While the receiver requires cable connections to the display and power socket, the transmitters are connected wirelessly and powered by the device.

The system kit (GWHD101KIT) comes with one HDMI receiver and two HDMI transmitters with all the hardware needed for an effortless set up, and carries a limited one-year warranty. The Share Pro™ system is available at an MSRP of $399.95 and additional HDMI transmitters can be purchased and paired with the system at an MSRP of $139.95 per transmitter. The USB Type C transmitter will be available soon.

Want to learn more about the IOGEAR Share Pro™ Expandable Wireless Presentation System, contact IOGEAR sales at for any enterprise needs. Also check out our Try and Buy program to test out the product risk free for 30 days here.

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