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IOGEAR Steers Consumers In The Right Direction With Bluetooth Technology [11-29-2004]

Introduces voice-automated, turn-by-turn GPS location device

Irvine, CA - November 29, 2004 – IOGEAR has launched its Bluetooth GPS Navigation System allowing drivers to receive map positioning data from satellites to deliver driving directions through Bluetooth-enabled mobile computing devices, such as laptops, PDAs and mobile phones. The Bluetooth navigation unit provides high position accuracy so drivers can receive voice-automated directions without having to look at a map. The ultra low-power design and long-life rechargeable battery gives users 30 hours of continuous usage and eliminates constant recharging between uses. Small and lightweight, the device can be placed on the dashboard or any other location that provides a clear signal to GPS satellites. With its compact and portable design, users can also carry the product with them while walking around an unfamiliar town. Complete with IOGEAR's standard three-year warranty, the product is priced at $299.95 and is available immediately from all major catalog resellers, online resellers and selected retail outlets. The included map data covers the US and Canada, with detailed street names and major points of interest such as restaurants and parks. The navigation software gives detailed driving directions in text, graphic and voice, allowing users to easily find their desired locations. The voice instruction indicates distance and turns. The software also includes other convenient features such as speed detection, alternative local-only routes, programming buttons on PDAs for convenience, a 3-D display option and trip time estimation. IOGEAR offers an optional external magnetic antenna that boosts reception capabilities when driving through congested urban locations or canyons. "Trying to read maps or directions while driving can not only be dangerous, but sometimes inaccurate," said Miranda Su, vice president of sales and marketing at IOGEAR. "With our GPS navigation unit, consumers and road warriors no longer have to worry about using traditional maps or printing out directions, they are now delivered directly to their Bluetooth-enabled devices. We also hope to eliminate arguments that stem from being lost when traveling." The GPS system is compatible with all Class 2 Bluetooth devices. The unit works with Windows ME/2000/XP with a minimum of 256MB system RAM and at least 512MB of free hard disk space. For PDA use, users must have at least a 266 MHz processor with 64MB main memory available. The device is compatible with Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 or later. For further information on IOGEAR's Bluetooth GPS solution or any IOGEAR products, please visit

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