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No More Waiting for 3D Movies or Games to be Released by Studios, as the New 3D Complete+ Creates a New Breed of Audio/Video Solution Accessories

Foothill Ranch, CA – June 26, 2012 - IOGEAR, a leader in convergence through connectivity, launches the new 3D Complete+ (GHDSSW4), meeting consumer demand for high quality 3D content and the ability to control the amount of 3D effects with its advanced 2D-to-3D converter, enabling real-time user-defined controls that also enhances video resolution and upscales it to full HD quality for the 3DTV. The 3D Complete+ is a 4-port HDMI switcher that can upscale standard 2D digital videos and photos into high definition content and convert into vibrant 3D viewing with user-defined 3D effect controls for "3D Level", "pop out" and "depth" for a custom tailored 3D experience for your 3DTV.

"People who have a 3D TV set use it, like it, and want more content for it," said John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates in his report entitled "3D TVs: Adoption, Use, and Purchase Intentions" (May 2012). "3D TV is of course a classic chicken-and-egg scenario. The limited amount of 3D content undermines the value of the technology, which dampens adoption, which removes the incentive for more content. 3D TV usage will correlate with the amount of content available."

3D Complete+ – A Backstage Pass to Personalized 3D Content for your 3DTV

IOGEAR puts the consumer in control of what they want to watch and how they want to watch it. The 3D Complete+ can transform all DVD's, Blu-ray's, TV sporting events, television shows, digital home movies, online streamed videos and photos into 3D, which can be personalized to the viewer's preferences. The 3D Complete+ provides the ability to control the amount of 3D effects; giving the consumer the power of real-time user-defined 2D-to-3D control on how the content is viewed on their 3D TV or 3D-Ready projector. Consumers can now customize the "3D level," "pop-out" and "depth" effects of the 3D experience with real–time convenience. The 3D Complete+ thus allows viewers to take advantage of their 3D TV and answers the demand for more content and control, helping to eliminate the concerns of feeling nauseous or getting headaches from the effects of too much 3D. Both active and passive 3D TVs and glasses are supported using the 3D Complete+.

"Consumers no longer have to wait around for their favorite movies to be re-released in 3D versions, but can convert their entire movie library or home videos to 3D instantly," said Bill Nguyen, senior marketing manager for lOGEAR. "This could radically shake up the entertainment and consumer electronics market, ushering in a new era in home entertainment by unlocking 3D viewing for any digital content."

Good Video Quality Made Better

In addition to enabling 3D viewing from any 2D content, the 3D Complete+ can enhance the video quality of virtually any HDMI device. The HD upscaling capabilities allows consumers to literally "upgrade" the video to 720p HD on up to Full 1080p HD quality (e.g., source with 480p quality is viewed at 720p, and source at 720p is enhanced to Full HD 1080p). The 3D Complete+ not only enables any digital videos streamed from the Internet to be converted to 3D, but also enhances the poor video quality usually associated with online streaming content. Advanced video processing implements de-blocking, reduces noise and corrects bad lighting, which creates extra crisp, more vivid, sharper and brighter videos.

Making the Switch to Easy Installation and De-Clutter

With no software and minimal set-up time, IOGEAR's 3D Complete+ is unlike any other AV switcher or video processor on the market. With four HDMI inputs, it can easily connect any HDMI device, enabling consumers to personalize the video quality of all their digital content at the push of a button. With a sleek black design, the standalone unit takes up minimal space and will seamlessly blend into any home environment.

Coming to a 3DTV Home Theater Near You

The 3D Complete+ has an MSRP of $199.95 and will be available at all major consumer electronics retailers.

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