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IOGEAR Launches 4K Dual DisplayPort KVMP Switches GCS1942 and GCS1944 Targeting Multi-Computer Power Users [11-27-2018]

New 4K Dual DisplayPort KVMP switches offer users the ability to easily share peripherals and up to four Cinema 4K monitors between as many as four DisplayPort computers

IRVINE, Calif. – November 27, 2018 – IOGEAR, a manufacturer of innovative information technology products for consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses, today announced the launch of the 2- and 4-Port 4K Dual View DisplayPort KVMP with USB 3.0 Hub and Audio (GCS1942 and GCS1944). The new KVMP switches make working between computers fast and convenient for high-end graphics and video production users, software developers and any other power users that require accessing two or four computers while using one keyboard, mouse and two high-resolution DisplayPort monitors.

Designed for Power Users

The latest KVMPs allow its user to switch away from one computer while it renders, processes or prints large files to another computer to finish other projects. The switches are designed for power users that require connecting to the highest quality displays (Cinema 4K 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz), making them ideal for agencies that work with high-performance video and graphics as well as finance, engineering, gaming and any other application where high speed, high-resolution graphics performance is critical.

The KVMP switches feature an innovative combination of Cinema 4K resolutions and the capability to support dual 4K video outputs. DisplayPort 1.2 and HDCP-compliant, the KVMP switches allow users to connect up to two 4K @60Hz monitors and quickly switch between two GCS1942 or four GCS1944 DisplayPort computers with the simple push of a button, eliminating the need for redundant hardware. Both switches support RS-232 commands, provide integrated support for both HDMI and DVI adapters (DP++), and feature 7.1 HD audio through the DisplayPort connections.

Features and Benefits of the new 4K DisplayPort KVMP Switches:

  • Maximize a High-End Multi-Monitor Workstation With Superior Video Resolution: Designed for professional film and video production industries, the 2-and 4-Port KVMPs support environments requiring cinematic graphics resolution.
  • Convenient Switching Methods: Switch and access two DisplayPort computers from the push-button front panel or keyboard hotkey combination. Utilize the latest in mouse port-switching functionality to change ports by clicking the wheel button on your 3-button USB mouse.
  • Smart Connectivity: Additional smart connectivity features turn the workstation into a convenient, easy-to-use powerhouse. The Power On Detection ensures automatic connection to the next powered-on computer. Daisy Chain Control (DCC) – enables users to daisy chain two GCS1942 or two GCS1944 KVMs together in order to add up to four 4K 60Hz monitors. Multi-stream transport (MST) enables users to daisy chain multiple monitors to each other with shared resolutions.

"These new KVMP switches add valuable new features and capabilities to our industry-leading portfolio of high-performance KVM solutions designed for the ultimate power users," explained Irma Pietojo, Product Manager at IOGEAR. "This product saves users time, money and desktop space by allowing them to share a single set of peripherals with multiple computers on dual 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz monitors, while upgrading the graphics output of source computers to DisplayPort."

The IOGEAR 2- and 4-Port 4K Dual View DisplayPort KVMP with USB 3.0 Hub and Audio (GCS1942 and GCS1944) are available now at MSRPs of $575.95 and $795.95, respectively, through IOGEAR’s authorized distributors and resellers.

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