4 Port HDMI Swticher

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4 Port HDMI Swticher



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MSRP: $199.95

IOGEAR's innovative GHDSSW4, is a combination of four products in one; a 4 port HDMI® switcher, video enhancer, an HD upscaler and a high-end 2D to 3D converterfor your 3DTV / home A/V entertainment system.

4 Port HDMI Switcher

  • Connect your DVR/Cable box, Blu-ray / DVD Players, Game Consoles and computers to consolidate your entertainment space and eliminate cable clutter to your HDTV.
  • No more messy cables going to your / hanging from your HDTV - Now you can have just one cable going from the GHDSSW4 to your HDTV and conveniently switch between your devices.

Active Video Enhancement

  • Actively delivers more vibrant, crisp and clear video images frame by frame
  • Makes all of your movies the best they can be with amazing clarity


  • Turns all your older videos into stunning High Definition.
  • Upscale 480i/p to 720p HD and 720p to FULL HD 1080p.

3D Ready Projectors

  • For "3D Ready" projectors, it provides the necessary formats needed, such as "Page Flip" or "Frame Sequential" These formats allow you to enjoy 3D content from a 3D/Blu-ray player. With out this format feature, users are not able to directly connect their 3D-Blu-ray player directly to their "3D Ready" projector.

Advanced 2D to 3D Converter*

Turn any HDMI source into amazing 3D on the fly in real-time with Real-time 2D to 3D Conversion with User Defined Control

  • Convert your entire movie collection; DVDs, Blu-rays and computer videos
  • Get the most from your DVR / Cable box and give your favorite sport events or favorite TV shows that extra wow factor.
  • Now you can play all your favorite video games in 3D; regardless of console.*
    *Low latency

    3D Level – Choose the optimal pre-sets for you to select for the best 3D experience.

    • Pop out – Gives you the freedom to fine tune the amount of action coming out of your TV.
    • Depth – Allows you to control the amount of depth going into your TV for amazing, dramas and thrillers

    The 3D Complete+ also has the ability to clean internet video artifacts such as, video block noise and MPEG compression; artifacts are significantly reduced with its advanced video post processing technology.

    * 3DTV or 3D-ready projector required


  • 4-port switch connects, switches between 4 HDMI® devices  
    • Consolidate your entertainment space for nice clean set up
    • Eliminates cable clutter by allowing you to use 1 cable to your HDTV
  • Connect your DVR / Cable box, DVD / Blu-ray player, Game Console, Computers and more…
  • Advanced video processor - Active video enhancement with dynamic frame by frame correction
    • Gives you that extra crisp clean detail for the best video
    • Enables a more vivid, sharper and brighter videos and photos
    • Bad light correction and adaptive sharpening
    • De-blocking and noise reduction of internet video
  • De-Interlace and Upscale Standard content to High Definition
    • 480p to 720p
    • 720p to 1080p
  • Advanced 2D to 3D converter*
    • Expand your existing content and convert it from 2D to 3D for your 3DTV
    • Convert your favorite TV shows, sporting events, DVD's or HD videos / photos to 3D and maximize your 3DTV experience
    • User defined 2D to 3D control of the "pop" out and "depth" effect for a personalized 2D to 3D experience
  • Real-time 2D to 3D User Defined Control
    • 3D Level: Choose the optimal pre-sets for you to select for the best 3D experience
    • Pop out: Gives you the freedom to fine tune the amount of action coming out of your TV
    • Depth: Allows you to control the amount of depth going into your TV for amazing, dramas and thrillers
  • Supports 3D-Ready Projectors - Provides “Page-Flip” and “Frame Sequential” formats needed
  • Frame packing - Gives the best 3D video experience at full resolution with 3DTV
  • Supports both active shutter and passive 3D TVs and glasses

*3DTV or 3D-ready projector is required

Media Source

  • HDMI output


  • 3DTV
  • HDMI input

* 3D TV / 3D Ready projector required for 2D to 3D conversion feature

1 x 3D Complete+
1 x Remote Control
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Warranty Card

Video Input4 x Female HDMI Type A 19 Pin
Video Output1 x Female HDMI Type A 19 Pin
Port Selection1 x Pushbutton, IR Remote
Power On1 x LED (blue)
Input4 x LED (blue)
Video Resolution480p, 720p, 1080p
Power Consumption12.5 Watts (max)
CaseABS Plastic
Unit Dimensions
Unit Package Dimensions
Master Carton
Master Carton Qty.6 pcs.
Master Carton Wt.9.75lbs.
Unit Pack Wt.1.35lbs.
Unit Wt.0.4lbs.

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