Powerline Networking Kit

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Powerline Networking Kit



UPC: 881317003508 Availability: EOL
This product is EOL and is no longer being sold.
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IOGEAR's Powerline Networking Kit allows you to network your home computers, networking devices and gaming devices through the most pervasive medium in your house - the electric power lines - and share Internet connections, printers, transfer files, play games, and more. This kit can be used to network two computers with a 10/100Base-T adapter through power lines. You can also use the kit to extend a Wi-Fi network to the furthest part of the house or facility by using power lines.

The IOGEAR Powerline Networking Kit is also a very simple and convenient way to circumvent Wi-Fi dead spots. It can also be used to link through a power line two network devices such as a gaming console and a broadband router, allowing you to play games online. This kit is compliant with HomePlug Powerline Specifications 1.0, offers up to 14 Mbps bandwidth, and is less prone to interference. Installation requires only that a 10/100Base-connection on the computer or the device. By offering 56-bit DES encryption, it is also much more secure than other home networking technologies such as wireless Ethernet.

  • Extend your Wi-Fi network through the existing powerline
  • Network your gaming devices through powerline, to play games with a remote partner
  • No extra wires required to create a network, simply use the most pervasive medium in your home ? powerlines
  • Very easy and intuitive to install and set up
  • HomePlug Powerline Specifications 1.0 compliant
  • Up to 14 Mbps bandwidth
  • Up to 990 feet (300 meters) range through powerlines, sufficient for most households
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • Low risk of interference by other RF sources
  • 56-bit DES encryption assures data security
  • Encryption done by hardware, with no sacrifice to bandwidth
  • Most reliable home networking technology
  • Available AC outlets in the room
  • Computers or devices with 10/100Base-T adapters, or 10/100Base-T switch/hub
  • When used as a node: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
  • Networking and gaming devices with 10/100Base-T connections
  • 2 x HomePlug Ethernet Bridge
  • 2 x CAT5 networking patch cable
  • 1 x Utility CD
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty / Registration card
Voltage110V - 240V
Power On1
Power Consumption3.5 Watts
Operating Temperature0 - 40 C
Humidity5% - 90%
Data Rate14 Mbps
Security56-bit DES Encryption
Computer InterfaceIEEE 802.3
Network InterfaceHomeplug Powerline
Unit Dimensions
Height4.13" (10.5 cm.)
Depth1.34" (3.4 cm.)
Width3.03" (7.7 cm.)
Unit Package Dimensions
Height9.1" (23cm)
Width9.1" (23cm)
Depth3.5" (8.9.cm)
Master Carton
Height8.66" (22cm)
Width9.06" (23cm)
Depth22.05" (56cm)
Master Carton Qty.6
Master Carton Wt.9.92 Lbs. (4.5 kg)
Unit Pack Wt.1.6 Lb. (0.7 kg)
Unit Wt.0.6 Lbs. (0.3 kg)

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