UpStream PRO

Dual Video Capture Adapter

Broadcast-Level AV Capture, Mix, Effects & Control for Live Streaming

Capture and create high-quality, customized video with professional effects from multiple sources and control your program via a smartphone. Along with the FREE UpStream Essentials App, you'll get the essential pro tools needed to create a customized, broadcast-level video finish, in real-time, that's ready to stream.

The Upstream Pro Dual Video Capture Adapter is perfect for adding a professional-level finish to your videos, taking them to the next level.

Add a high-quality camera and microphone to dramatically improve the quality of your Zoom or Teams presentations, customize your YouTube videos for a wider audience or enhance live streaming programs from an Android phone or a game console.


Capture and mix HD and 4K video, and audio from multiple sources including HDMI ®, RCA, and XLR microphone inputs.


Create dynamic video by adding studio effects like Picture-in-Picture, split screen, and customize green-screen backgrounds with the chroma key tool.


Control your entire program right from the UpStream Essentials App on your smartphone via Bluetooth® wireless, freeing up a desktop or laptop to run OBS Studios or other streaming software. Or stream directly from your smartphone via mobile streaming software.

Significantly Improve Video Quality: Replace a Low-Quality Webcam

Connect a high-quality smartphone camera or professional-grade 4K cameras, to significantly improve video image quality over an existing webcam.

Change Views - Add a 2nd Camera

  • Connect two (2) 4K cameras for broadcast-quality video capture
  • Setup Audio Follows Video (AFV) to audio auto-switches with camera
  • Ideal for adding perspective to videos, in-person interviews, podcasts and more

Improve Audio Quality - Add a Pro Microphone & Audio Equipment

  • Dedicated XLR Mic input
  • Connect a 2nd audio source or an audio mixer via RCA
  • Mix audio from all four (4) sources (HDMI (2), XLR, RCA)
  • Ideal for capturing high-quality audio, a critical component of videos

Make Live Streams More Dynamic - Add a Broadcast-Level Finish

  • Enhance production with green screen background effects with the Chroma Key Tool
  • Add Picture-in-Picture (PIP), split screens, resize & crop, select between eight (8) scene presets

Mix Audio & Video via the UpStream Essentials App

  • Mix right from your Android or iPhone® smartphone
  • Connect to the Dual Video Capture Adapter via Bluetooth® wireless

Control Your Entire Program From Your Smartphone

  • Free up your desktop or laptop to run OBS Studios or other streaming software
  • Or stream directly from your smartphone via mobile streaming software

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