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What is hot in technology for 2009?

As 2008 winds down and the world prepares for 2009, consumers are on the lookout for the hottest new technologies. With consumer's needs and wants changing after a historically tumultuous year economically, the demands for the latest gadgets technology have shifted as well. Consumers are no longer searching for the biggest, boldest technologies but are interested in electronics that help streamline and organize their lives, saving time and money. People are investing in gadgets that help them share and maximize existing resources. Convenience is key for 2009. With the need to always be connected, society has and continues to move wireless. The greatest and most popular technologies in 2009 will implement wireless capabilities saving cable clutter and eliminating material waste. Wireless gadgets give customers environmentally-friendly options to streamline home and work spaces.
Additionally, green isn't just about money. Consumers have taken a wider interest in items that not only maximize their bottom line, but save power and energy as well. Many companies, including IOGEAR, are taking steps in the right direction to conserve resources. Next year, energy-conserving gadgets such as solar-powered batteries, refurbished computers and KVM switches will be hot, hot, hot! Respectfully, The IOGEAR Staff

Four Ways to De-Clutter Your Digital Life

After providing a solution for your wire clutter problems on a previous post, we found great interest on the topic; judging from the amount of web traffic sent to that blog post. Here, we expand on the idea of de-cluttering with 4 ways to help move towards a de-cluttered digital life.


Moving Towards a Fully Integrated Digital Home

Living in an increasingly digital age, it is difficult to decipher how to maximize resources for a fully-integrated digital home. Consumers are looking for the best products to wisely equip their households, simply and cost-effectively. With today's digital world and ambiguous economy, it is important for individuals to utilize the resources at their fingertips, and one of the best ways to do so is through integration.

Impress Clients or Students with the Digital Scribe

There aren't many things that one can do on the computer nowadays that truly impress others during a presentation.  PowerPoints, videos, flash presentations -- most have seen enough of these to no longer get "wowed" by them. What they haven't seen are the things that you can do with a Mobile Digital Scribe by IOGEAR.  Perhaps the following video can stimulate some ideas:

Three Ways to Go Green with IOGEAR

Green is the new black, well at least in this eco-conscious day and age it is. Everyone and everything is going green, and individuals and companies are implementing personal and professional actions in order to help sustain our environment. Customers can go beyond recycling and make intelligent purchases to help save money, energy and space. In our advanced tech-savvy world, there are several products available that help today's consumers.  With more and more advances in technology, customers can avoid adding to their electronic waste by using the resources they already own for multiple purposes. Following are three ways you can go green with IOGEAR.

Digital Note Taking Tips

The last roadblock preventing many professionals and students from going completely paperless is note-taking. There are times when it just isn't convenient to put notes directly into a computer document. Sometimes it's necessary to draw pictures, skip around on the page, or flesh out ideas. In those circumstances, writing it on paper would make things so much easier.

Finding Free Movies and Music (Legally!) for Your Portable Media Player

What good is a portable media player if you do not have a way to get the media to put on it?  There are, of course, illegal methods of acquiring digital media, but you don't have to be a pirate to get the videos or music that you want.  Before going into the details of the sources, we should first discuss the gadget on which to put this free media.

Win a Free Mobile Digital Scribe

The Future Lawyer blog is holding a contest where you can win a free Mobile Digital Scribe from IOGEAR. If you have an interesting anecdote regarding note taking you may have a change to win. Watch what an artist has to say about the quality of the Mobile Digital Scribe. Hurry! The contest ends on October 31, 2008.

Can Digital Pen Technology Satisfy Traditional Artists?

Jesse Jones, at award winning King5-TV decided to put our Digital Scribe to the test with a local traditional artist, Patrick Kerr, for whom accuracy is very important.

Wireless USB Hub Lets You Share Devices at the Flip of a Switch

Wireless is in.  The problem for business (and personal) applications is that there are often multiple users wanting to use the same devices.  With wireless USB printers, camcorders, and scanners popping up, the need to be able to "flip a switch" and connect from another computer is increasingly important.  To solve this problem, we took a long look at the IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub and Adapter Kit.