IOGEAR's New AV Extender Sends Lossless 4K/7.1 Wirelessly up to 60ft.

We are excited to announce the debut of the newest addition to our line of wireless AV extenders - the Ultra-Fast 60GHz Wireless 4K UHD Video Extender (model number: GW4K30GH60). This product allows content to be streamed wirelessly over a 60GHz frequency band to a screen placed up to 60-feet away. A 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree, the GW4K30GH60 is ideal for gaming and streaming over short ranges and frees your space from more cords and clutter!

It's back-to-school time!

In other words gather up all of your text books, binders, funky-colored sticky notes, and of course, writing tools. While going old-school with wooden pencils are fun and nostalgic, students these days are keeping it paperless in the digital world of iPads, smart phones, digital readers, etc.

What are we binge-watching in September?

Our sweet summer is almost gone, but here are a few reasons to love the start of autumn: pumpkin-spiced everything, lower electricity bills and a whole bunch of new movies you can stream from the comfort of your home.

So just grab a blanket and the Wireless 1080p Computer to HD Display Kit by IOGEAR and stream from your computer to your TV Wirelessly.

What are we binge-watching in August?

If you're anything like us, we bet you'd rather beat the heat and spend some quality time with your favorite streaming services instead.

Check out what's new and what's leaving our screens in August:

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Festival and Concert Essentials

Music festival season and summer concert series are right around the corner. This means long hours watching your favorite bands and looking up lyrics and trying to find your friends when you lose them at the pretzel stand. I asked some of our coworkers what the biggest bummer is when their battery runs out on their devices and here is the list:

  • Trying to get in contact with friends when you get lost
  • Meet up with your friends at the venue that you didn't drive with
  • Call Uber/Lyft/Taxi after the event
  • camera/GoPro dies so you can't capture all the memorable moments of your night
  • your electronic cigarettes die

Then we asked, "What is a necessity to bring to the event so you have a carefree experience?"

Do you Instagram, Tweet or Facebook?

One common trend on all of these social media websites are hashtags. Hashtags are EVERYWHERE. I even had a friend the other day say the word basic and make a hashtag out of their fingers, I mean come on, and do you need to hashtag our convo, does that really add any value? Well whether it did or didn't is still debatable. So since it is almost the end of 2014 we decided to round up the top hashtags that are used on social media.

Are you curious what Apple has in store for 2015?

Are you curious what Apple has in store for 2015? We were too, so we did some research to see what surprise and treats we could start getting excited for, check out our list and let us know your thoughts!

  • iPhone 6s & iPhone 6S +, these are bound to happen, same phone better inside working system!
  • Apple Watch will debut; will Apple survive in wearable tech?
  • Apple pay will force more and more retailers in to enabling NFC. This also means that Apple will probably open the platform up to third-party companies as well
  • Apple will integrate more in to healthcare, is this because of Steve Jobs being sick in his last years? Who knows, but this will definitely begin to be a big player!
  • There will not be an actual Apple TV, they will update their TV set-top box but they will not sell full blown Apple TV's.
  • OSX will update to become more like iOS

What updates do you wish Apple would make? How about updates to their phones or systems. What updates to their computers do you want to see? Maybe a new model?

Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Mac Verse PC

Mac Verse PC

Recently in the office we were trying out some new products and I automatically reached for the Mac, after a few comments about PC and Mac I decided that I needed to do some more research so next time this argument comes up I have more backing because just saying "Mac is better" clearly did not win me the argument. I scavenged so many sites about pros and cons and of course the typical ecosystem argument comes up, which I have to say is a huge reason I always go for Apple products, but before my entire room looked like I just left the Apple store I did use PC's, I mean really what changed my mind, was it the awesome marketing or was it really the software and hardware of the products... I don't know, jury is still out on that but let's get to the nitty gritty of pros and cons of these items!

Microsoft Office for iPhone… it is now here & it’s free?!

Microsoft Office for iPhone… it is now here & it's free?!

When Microsoft Office originally came out for iPhone everyone was pretty disappointed. Let's be real, no one was happy with it. It had only a few editing tools and constantly messed up the layout. To correct this problem, Microsoft is completely getting rid of Office Mobile and allowing customers to download three iPhone apps: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This will be exactly how it is on the iPad. Some great additions to the iPhone apps:

  • In Excel there is a full view version where readers can view the file without worrying that they will accidentally press a button and erase the whole thing.
  • In word, the Ribbon for the keyboard is at the bottom so it is out of the way and view while users are on the word app unless they need to type.

How to be the CHAMPION of your day!

How to be the CHAMPION of your day!

Sometimes when we get in a routine we forget how great life is and we go through the motions, this isn't always the best way to live. You can become distracted and frustrated, unable to complete simple tasks.

So here is a healthy reminder of how to have the best day/week ever!