Productivity on the Road

September 15th, 2008

Travel is often an important part of a professional's life.  The ability to stay organized and productive while traveling is often the difference between those who become executives and those who flounder in the lower and middle levels of a company.  Time and how we spend it can define our professional success. Having tools to improve productivity when not at a desk is a key element to using time effectively.  Just because a professional is on a plane, train, subway, or other tight-quarters vehicle doesn't mean that they cannot continue to work.  For many, it is while traveling that they are able to flesh out ideas and work on projects that are otherwise difficult to get done.  This is often private time away from the phone, colleagues, and clients who are part of our daily distractions.  John Grisham, for example, wrote much of his first novel on legal pads while commuting to work on a train. Imagine if he had IOGEAR's Mobile Digital Scribe.  It took him 3 years to write it by hand and then type it out.  Had he been able to keep it all digital and still have the flexibility that handwriting on paper allows, he may have been published a year or two earlier. Once at a destination, the "road mentality" does not end.  Professionals who want to excel and achieve tremendous success should utilize basic productivity concepts and tools to continue to improve their position.  At a hotel, coffee shop, lobby, or anywhere in between meetings and presentations, a tool like the Mobile Digital Scribe is perfect for staying productive.  It can fit in a pocket and works on any sheet of paper.  Any venue can turn into a brainstorming room where concepts come to life on a sheet that can easily be moved directly to the computer in the future.  Take notes, draw diagrams, or come up with the next big thing in your industry. As we balance our professional and personal lives to maintain our edge, using time on the road to maintain a level of productivity allows us to enjoy our time at home with family and friends more practical.  There is nothing worse than wasting time that could be used to improve our situations.  Here is a video that displays the simplicity and ease that the Mobile Digital Scribe offers:

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