A Solution to Wire Clutter

September 24th, 2008

If it's a confusing, cluttered eyesore that can be tripped over or yanked on, then computers wired to their peripherals are for you.  Here are some images that visually depict the "old style" of connecting: The Video Desk: Luckily, nobody can see what happens in front of the desk (except the people coming into the room) The Danger Corner: Where clutter starts and safety ends. The Wired Jungle: "I know there's a computer behind the wires somewhere.  Maybe even three!" Now, for those who have experienced this kind of "disaster waiting to happen", IOGEAR has created the first USB-IF Certified Wireless USB solution, the IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub & Adapter kit.  Its design and applications are apparent as it offers "cable freedom" to its users.  With a super-fast transfer rate, range of up to 30 feet, and the ability to service up to three separate users at the flip of the switch, it's easy to understand how the Wireless USB Hub is perfect for keeping what's going on behind your computer as organized and safe as possible.  Here is a view: These images may be humorous (and possibly look familiar) but they really are a serious concern.  It goes beyond the clutter and beyond the eyesore.  Having too many wires can not only increase the chance that a peripheral or computer can be pulled off a desk, it can also be a true fire-hazard.  In the 21st century, your best bet is to "go wireless" with the Wireless USB Hub by IOGEAR.

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