Four Ways to De-Clutter Your Digital Life

December 16th, 2008

After providing a solution for your wire clutter problems on a previous post, we found great interest on the topic; judging from the amount of web traffic sent to that blog post. Here, we expand on the idea of de-cluttering with 4 ways to help move towards a de-cluttered digital life.


1. Wireless VGA – Connecting to your display wirelessly


Whether you are giving a presentation or watching a movie on your computer through a projector at home, you can finally put away that extra long VGA cord. This handy device not only reduces clutter, but adds at least ten points to your coolness factor ;). Learn more from the video.


2. Use Existing Wires


Using the existing electrical power lines in your home or business you can do some amazing things:


-       Stream music to any room, a great way to create a holiday atmosphere

-       Network your computers without a degree in Computer science

-       Extend a Wi-Fi network to the furthest part of your home or business



3. KVM – Easy Switching and File Sharing Between Two Computers


If you have a PC and a laptop on your desk, a KVM switch will reduce the clutter on your desk while allowing you to control both computers with the same keyboard, video display and mouse.


4. Portable Media Server – Free Your Photos, Songs and Movies


Getting photos, songs and movies to play from your PC onto a TV, HDTV or display usually means hauling a computer around and dealing with a mess of cables. With the Portable Media Server, not only do you eliminate the need to lug a PC around to enjoy your content, you can take your entertainment on the road!


What are your favorite tips for de-cluttering your digital life?

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