4 HDMI Devices -> One HDTV, Keyboard & Mouse = The Ultimate Living Room

July 15th, 2009

The living room truly is where families live today, not like before when it was only used to entertain guests or watch the occasional television show. Nowadays, the living room serves as a sanctuary of sorts; part media room, home office and gaming center. Due to the number of devices connected to each other, it can be somewhat difficult to enjoy all of them in a clean and simple fashion. IOGEAR's revolutionary HDMI Control Center aims to alleviate some of the confusions. Introducing the HDMI Control Center to the home market allows consumers to utilize the living room television as a centralized connection point; leveraging both HDMI and USB-powered devices to gain instant access, enjoyment and the freedom of complete user control. Setting the device up is fairly straightforward. On the back of the HDMI Control Center is a gray area for console where you connect the HDMI cable from your television or monitor to the unit along with the USB-powered wireless keyboard with built-in trackball,. Simply connect the rest of your devices via HDMI and USB for quick and simple setup. 4port-hdmi [caption id="attachment_261" align="aligncenter" width="417" caption="How does it work?"]How does it work?[/caption] Use the HDMI Control Center to connect and control the following, and enjoy all of them at full 1080p HD resolution.
  • Home Computers
  • Media server
  • Blu-Ray / DVD players
  • Gaming consoles (Xbox, Playstation 3)
  • HD Set-top Boxes
  • Digital Video Recorders
A quick tap on the hot-keys on the wireless keyboard will allow you to quickly switch to your desired devices and IOGEAR's Display Emulation Technology means it will remember the screen resolution and parameters for each specific device, so you don't need to adjust your TV each time. hdmi-and-keyboard  Utilize the USB ports to connect a USB hub or other USB peripheral devices such as external drives or digital cameras. Because you are only sharing a screen session, you can run different applications on your computer and your media server while recording to your DVR all at the same time. The HDMI Control Center comes as a complete kit, ready to install out-of-the-box with everything you'll need. Clean lines and brushed aluminum on the front fascia will match any home décor and an included headphone jack should be all you need for a little more privacy.

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