Should cable and satellite TV providers be concerned?

September 29th, 2009

A recent survey* commissioned by IOGEAR shows that interest in watching Internet video on a TV continues to grow. Nearly 40 percent of respondents stated they would consider getting rid of their cable or satellite subscription in favor of using a product to connect their PC and Internet to the TV. Forty six percent might consider the option and only 16 percent said no. tvNearly 50 percent of survey respondents said they spend between $50-$100 on monthly cable or satellite subscriptions. Thirty five percent spend more than $100. If there were a more affordable option to getting your favorite content, how many of you would end a long-term cable or satellite relationship? Fifty percent of those surveyed said they currently watch between 0-2 hours of video each week on their computer. Thirty percent watch 3-5 hours and nearly 20 percent of people watch 6+ hours of video on their computers each week. As these numbers continue to grow, it is obvious that a fundamental shift in the cable / satellite TV industry must occur. The cable and satellite TV industry has always assumed that the more content they give the consumer, the more they can charge, the happier we are.  With the busy schedules we all keep now, flipping through 400+ channels to find something actually worth watching can be a chore unto itself. Utilizing new technologies that provide high quality video streaming over the Internet users can now watch the shows they want, when they want to.  For a minimal cost for hardware up front, often less then a few months' worth of cable bills, the elimination of the traditional TV is becoming more of a reality. Cheers, The IOGEAR team *The survey of 2,812 people was conducted by LAPTOP Magazine.

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