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Let IOGEAR Answer the Phone, with Help from the Sun

Green living means different things to different people. Some folks pursue a completely sustainable lifestyle, recycling everything and surrounding themselves in green building materials while monitoring and negating carbon emissions to reduce their footprint. For others, not littering and recycling paper and plastic goods is enough of an effort to help the planet.

Tablets Take Hold of the PC Market

According to analyst firm Gartner, PC sales are expected to slow in 2011 due to several factors, including increased tablet popularity and enduring economic hardship for both consumers and businesses. In fact, Gartner anticipates that media tablets will displace around 10 percent of the PC market by 2014. Source

Goodbye Google TV?

The Consumer Electronics Show is quickly coming up next month in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2011. Among the exciting new products and technologies that have been expected to make news at the show is Google TV. Simply put, this new web-based TV product brings Web video and other computer smarts to TV sets.

Finding Entertainment has Never Been More Social

The greatest challenge of putting together a home entertainment system is often choosing what components to install. Display devices alone give you the options of LCD, plasma, OLED, projectors and 3D. Once the display is in place there's Blu-ray players, digital audio convertors (DAC), gaming systems and a myriad number of A/V cables and other components, each with its own specific feature set and appeal to the end user.

Help Us Find Great Legal Streaming Resources for a Chance to Win an iPad!

UPDATE: There have been a change in the rules (please read the blog post below for details), starting at Saturday December 18, 10am PST. In summary, entries will be made here on the blog rather than at Delicious in light of the news that Delicious is being shut down by Yahoo. The holiday spirit is in the air and IOGEAR is in a giving mood! We are giving away a total of three prizes to three lucky winners: 1 Grand Prize*: iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi + IOGEAR Composite AV Cable with Charge and Sync 1 First Prize*: Wireless Audio / Video Kit 2 Second Prizes*: USB Laptop KVM Switch with File Transfer *Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. This is a raffle style contest where you get one point for each successful entry. To enter you will need a Delicious account. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE CHANCES OF WINNING. In the comments section below, provide links to your favorite legal streaming media resources. For each non-duplicate link, you will gain one entry point for the contest. When the contest is over (on December 31, 2010 at midnight) we will tally up all the points and randomly choose the winners. Before you get started, please take a look at the official contest rules. Good luck!

Has Streaming Media Finally Becoming Mainstream?

An interesting thing happened recently. The number of U.S. households that subscribe to cable and other paid TV services fell for the first time since the dawn of cable – by about 335,000 households over the last two quarters out of about 100 million. Time Warner Inc. also recently commented that it expects its HBO pay-TV service to decline by 1.5 million subscribers this year. Whether this projected decrease can be pinpointed on economic changes or promotional pricing as Time Warner indicated, one thing is clear – technology has been developing in such a way that consumers have been able to replace their cable subscriptions with content streaming from the web.

Advice on Best Wireless Streaming Set-up

Stable and interference-free wireless HD streaming has been a pursuit of hardcore AV enthusiasts over the last several years. New devices such as the Boxee Box and content sources such as Hulu and Youtube have inspired fans of home entertainment to search for the perfect combination of routers, connectors, controls and more to achieve wireless streaming bliss.

Award-winning keyboards fit in the palm of your hand or snuggly on your lap

This time of year, the technology industry is ablaze with talks of the latest gadgets and do-dads that are to be announced and revealed at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Come January 2011, all the top electronic manufacturers will be showcasing their latest innovations positioned to take the consumer electronic space by storm.

Beware Phony Apple iPod® and iPad™ Accessories this Holiday Season

If you're one of the hundreds of millions of music and tech enthusiasts who own an Apple iPod or iPhone, there are an astounding number of accessories aimed at improving battery life, broadening connectivity and even adding a sense of style to your personal technology devices. Source

Is gaming headed for the clouds?

Over the last thirty years, video games have advanced to include state-of-the-art HD graphics to motion detecting peripherals, such as Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox360. As the video game industry continues to advance exponentially, consumers are beginning to wonder what will be the next big leap in technology. As LPs and CDs have almost disappeared in place of MP3s, will the same hold true for physical copies of video games? Will they become predominately digital? Source