Short Attention Span? Join the Wave!

February 26th, 2010

This week we watched in fascination as Chatroulette fever took the teen nation by storm. For anyone not living with a technology-crazed teen, or who hasn't suffered a bout of insomnia in front of a computer screen recently, Chatroulette is a Russian based video chat service that brings you face-to-face, via webcam, with an endless stream of random strangers all over the world. With a few clicks, you could be talking to music enthusiasts in South Africa, swapping cookery tips with viewers in Paris or just shooting the breeze with new friends in Belgium – all for free! While swapping pleasantries with random strangers may not be everyone's idea of a good time (and certainly not an advised activity for your teen), it got us here at IOGEAR thinking: is this the future of the internet, or its demise? Either way, it shows us one thing very clearly – our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. We need constant stimuli to keep us interested. Luckily, we here at IOGEAR have long understood this theory of multitasking. From our HD Matrix Switch with Remote, which allows you to switch between up to five of your favorite devices with a simple remote control, to our selection of KVM switches, which allow you to control multiple computers using one keyboard, monitor and mouse, IOGEAR products offer enough options and flexibility to satisfy even the itchiest remote trigger finger. So whether it's switching between YouTube videos, the latest Xbox 360 shoot-em-up or movies on your HDTV, we can help provide the kind of variety that keeps your entertainment center new and fresh each time you return – no webcam and strangers required! Don't forget about our Twitter competition! You could win a Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for the ultimate multitasking and charging on the go! Entering is as easy as…
  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. Retweet any message that mentions the competition
  3. Cross your fingers!
IOGEAR will be announcing a February winner at the end of the month. Are YOU a multitasker? How many windows do you have open right now? Let us know! Cheers The IOGEAR team

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