Wireless TV on a Shoestring

March 15th, 2010

For those who dream of enjoying their favorite YouTube clips, Hulu episodes or other streaming Internet content on their favorite widescreen televisions, Walt Mossberg's recent Wall Street Journal article How To Watch Video, Wirelessly, on Your TV Set may sound familiar. The good news: wireless PC-to-TV solutions are officially here to stay! With a growing number of solutions that allow consumers to play Internet media in full TV screen glory on the market, sharing and enjoying Internet content has never been easier. The days of huddling over a small PC screen to share a favorite clip or video will soon be a distant memory, as Internet content makes the leap to center stage in the evolving living room landscape. Whether for work or play consumers can browse the Internet, watch online video, or edit spreadsheets on a widescreen TV from the comfort of their couch. The GREAT news: Thanks to IOGEAR, finding a wireless solution has never been easier or more affordable. Our Wireless Audio / Video Kit is a user friendly and all-in-one solution which can help you bring your wireless digital lifestyle up to date – all at an affordable price point of under $300. With three easy adapters and a few simple steps, eliminating the clutter of wires and bring your living room into the digital future is within reach! What's the first thing YOU'D want to stream from your PC to your TV screen? Movies…video clips….or something else? Let us know! Don't forget to enter this month's competition over at Twitter, where we're giving away a USB Laptop KVM Switch. Entering is as simple as following us on Twitter and retweeting all messages that mention the March competition. Good luck! Cheers The IOGEAR team

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