PC to TV Hits the Headlines

May 25th, 2010

With so much noise surrounding Google's recent announcement that Google TV is closer on the horizon than ever before, it seems as if everyone has PC to TV fever. The truth is, even before Google entered the picture, the days of hunching over a laptop screen to show friends the latest viral video are swiftly becoming a distant memory. As we streamline our home entertainment and centralize our living rooms, streaming internet content directly to a HDTV has never been easier. As the HDTV becomes our center for ALL information – from updating Twitter to editing spreadsheets and catching online video clips – solutions that help transport your favorite online content to your very own big screen are priceless. Here at IOGEAR, we're staying ahead of the PC to TV curve and working to bring you solutions that fit seamlessly into your digital home life - no tangled wires, no cumbersome and difficult setups, just fast, reliable streaming direct to your TV. Our Wireless Audio / Video Kit closes the gap between PC and TV with an all-in-one wireless solution. This kit can help put you at the forefront of digital in-home entertainment – all at an affordable price point of under $280. With three easy adapters, you're just three steps away from enjoying favorite movies, video clips, and music files streaming from your computer to the TV or stereo system. No need to reorganize your home setup – this kit works with a computer up to 30 feet away. Have YOU made the move to the big screen yet? Watch this space – this market is set to explode! Cheers The IOGEAR team PS Don't forget to check out our brand new Mystery Photo Contest on Facebook for a chance to win exciting prizes!

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