All the Gadgets a Grad or Dad Needs

May 29th, 2010

Father's Day is June 20th and students are graduating from school in droves as summer fast approaches in the US. That means its time to consider what gifts to give that special someone, whether it's a heroic father or a battle tested student warrior, you want to make sure your love and pride shines through. We have four cool products that we think will do the trick. Take a look and be sure give that special someone our highest regards. You will also want to check out our 20% off graduation and father's day promotions. Wireless Audio / Video Kit For Dad Dad has worked hard all year, why not give him the gift of cool? If dad is still stuck with a “traditional cable” setup, it's time to take things up a level with wireless PC to TV right there in the living room. This cutting edge and award winning device enhances any home entertainment setup. For Grad Most newly minted graduates will appreciate saving a few dollars any way they can (well, almost any way). With the Wireless Audio / Video Kit, a PC and an Internet connection, bye bye cable ... hello streaming Internet! Now that should put a smile on any graduates face. :) Buy now for $279.95 GearPower - Portable Battery for Mobile Devices For Dad Your Dad may not yet have enough gadgets to warrant a tool belt, but it's likely he has more than one portable gadget to carry around. And with portability comes the need for “juice”. That's where the GearPower Portable Battery comes in. And at a price point of under $20, why not buy several, so Dad can have one at home, at work and in the car. For Grad It will be tough to find any graduate who does not own one or more portable devices. In fact, if you do, it's likely you have traveled back in time before cell phones were invented. So go ahead and buy them a few extra battery packs so they can't use the excuse “oh, sorry can't talk, my battery just died”. Buy now for $19.95 Solar Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit For Dad If dad spends a lot of time in the car, then this device is essential. Not only will it help Dad keep safe, but it will also allow him to be productive and most important .. to stay in touch with you! With an affordable price point, you may consider buying two, if dad uses two cars. For Grad It's a given you want your grad safe, and its also true they likely will want to talk on the phone in the car. Alleviate your worries while also helping them obey law with this Solar Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit. It will allow them to talk on the phone without wires and hands-free. Buy now for $49.95 USB Laptop KVM For Dad You may be thinking ... I'm not buying my dad a cable, how un-cool! Well, think again. This “cable”, is a device Dad may come to rely on in his daily workflow, especially if he has a desktop along with a portable computer. It allows him to easily control those two computers using only one keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM). For Grad Many students use a laptop or netbook throughout their stay in school. As they graduate and move on to a different station in life (even if thats just coming back home to live with Dad), it's likely a desktop will be added to the mix. This handy device will allow for an easy transition, since in addition to allowing for control of two computers via KVM, file transfer between the two computers is a snap. Buy now for $49.95 How do you plan to celebrate Father's Day or Gradation? Do you think your loved one would appreciate one of these gifts? Please take some time and share your thoughts here on the blog, on Twitter or FaceBook. And don't forget about our Mystery Photo Contest where you can guess the photo and win a fantastic prize!

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