World Cup Fever

June 17th, 2010

Are you finding yourself in bars at 9am in the morning to cheer on your soccer heroes? Has your couch turned into your own private stadium? Is fighting over the remote in your household now a fight to the death? If your summer is slipping by in a blur of goals and vuvuzelas, you may just have caught World Cup fever. Luckily, we here at IOGEAR have not only a diagnosis, but a prescription – the perfect home entertainment setup! For soccer fans the world over, the World Cup can be a treacherous area for personal tech. Just this week, Twitter buckled under the weight of millions of #WorldCup eager messages, and cell phone service has been reported as significantly more patchy during important games. So what's the solution to watching your favorite World Cup game in peace? We suggest a little planning ahead, and a supporting cast of tech gadgets to make sure your viewing is not only uninterrupted, but interactive, streamlined and in-depth enough to rival any commentator. Bring it on!  If you're checking out stats on key players, replaying favorite goal moments or chatting with other fans across the world, our Wireless Audio/Video Kit, allows you to combine audio and video streaming through one connection. It's easy to screen your favorite clips - or even to catch up on the games you weren't quite dedicated enough to be in the pub at 9am for – all directly and wirelessly to your HDTV. No snaking or tangled wires permitted in this home stadium – just simple streaming internet on TV at the touch of a button.  Every dedicated sports fan understands the virtue of multitasking, and at IOGEAR we're happy to help incorporate your love of soccer into your everyday life. From gadgets like our HD Matrix Switch with Remote, which allows you to switch between up to five of your favorite devices with a simple remote control, to our selection of KVM switches, which allow you to control multiple computers using one keyboard, monitor and mouse, checking in on the latest news from South Africa doesn't need to take over your life or interrupt your work day – unless you want it to! From spreadsheet to goal and back again, it's easy to keep up with the action with a little tech help. For news of the latest digital ways to follow all the action, click here. How are YOU using technology to follow this year's World Cup? Let us know here in the blog comments section or on Facebook or Twitter. Cheers The IOGEAR team

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